Monday, April 12, 2010

Bob Chronicles - Sixth in a Series

I was looking back through my previous blogs and realized it had been a while since I wrote a "Bob Chronicles" post. Good thing he gave me some great material from just a few weeks ago. This one also involves my brother, who we will call Guke. Together the two of them are dangerous!

If you will remember from a previous post, my brother lives out in the rolling hills of Tennessee. He has some acreage around his house. Guke was not raised in the country so he is still learning all the ins and outs of working the land. He doesn't farm or raise animals, but having acreage means there is bush hogging, backhoe digging, hay harvesting, etc. It is a lot of work and it requires that you use some heavier lawn equipment than he grew up with in the city. He is a whiz bang with a push mower and weed-eater and has gotten pretty dang good on his John Deere riding tractor mower.

A couple of weekends ago, Guke called my Dad and asked him to come over to help him service his lawn equipment and get it ready for the growing season. Dad, always up to help others, was on his way in short order. When he arrived, Guke's wife gave them strict instructions not to work on the equipment in the garage because she had just put down some outdoor carpet in the bay for the boys to play on. They have a ginormous three car garage so that should not have been any problem.

Those two got to work. They were planning to work on the riding mower and the push mower. They drained oil, changed spark plugs, whatever else you do to lawn equipment to get it ready. (RANDOM SIDE NOTE: At our house we do nothing to our lawn equipment to get it ready for the season. We pull it out of the garage, start it and use it. No maintenance ever. I was a little baffled that you were even supposed to! Whoops!)

On with the story...they pulled the equipment out of the garage to start out but the wind was whipping around them like crazy. So, once they were done with the messy work they pulled the equipment up into the garage to get out of the wind and finish up. The very last thing they had to do was put in the fresh oil. They put it in the riding mower and that baby cranked up like a champ. Big smile of satisfaction. They moved on to the push mower and added some oil to that. A check of the dip stick showed nothing. Hmm, well add a little more...maybe the oil tank is bigger than they thought. Nope, still showing nothing on the dip stick. Hmm, maybe the dip stick is bent and isn't going straight down? Well, add just a bit more oil, because they can clearly see that the oil is not close to the top of the tank. In the end they said it seemed like they poured a gallon of oil in that stupid little push mower and it still wasn't showing up on the dipstick. Dad said he shoved that dip stick in about 100 times trying to get a reading to show up. In complete frustration, they pulled that mower out of the garage to get into the sunlight to see better.

You know already that they forgot to put the drain plug back in the oil tank, don't you?

They pulled that baby out of the garage and were met with an absolutely saturated oil covered rug. Oh no!! Guke springs into action to try to salvage this carpet some how, some way. He is pulling towels and rags from all over the garage to soak up the gallon of oil they have dumped on the carpet. I can totally see him frantically racing around gathering the towels, all the while watching the kitchen door over his shoulder in case his lovely bride comes out. Dad said that Guke was standing on the towels, jumping a little, putting all the pressure he can manage on the pile of towels to soak up the oil. At one point he looks at my Dad and says "Where is a ShamWow when you need one?" I laughed so hard. You know that oil is not coming out, ShamWow or not! But hey, what a great idea to get two guys who never want anything!!!

How could the two of them not have seen that coming??? I have no idea, but I am here to tell you that it was no surprise to anyone in our family. Seriously.

This story just gets me primed and ready for my folks to get here on Friday! Can't wait! I am sure I will be able to write daily about our adventures and exploits! It is going to be FUN!!

Have a great Monday!

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  1. So???? What did his wife say when she saw what happened? How much trouble was your brother in? I can only imagine the panic he must have felt. LMAO!!