Monday, April 26, 2010

Conversation with Harold

Coming home from Chip's baseball game tonight we had a laugh fest in the car. One of our good buddies on the team had a migraine headache during the game, he threw up, just felt awful. That is obviously not the funny part and we hope he is feeling much better. What it led us to talk about was migraines and how much they can hurt way worse than a regular headache. As a point of reference, I reminded the boys that I had a headache earlier in the day when I took two Motrin and that was just a regular headache.

Harold: You know what's weird Mom? I can't ever tell when you are sick.
Mom: What do you mean?
Harold: You are just always the same. Even if you are sick, you are still funny. Still happy as a snail.
Mom: Happy as a what??
Harold: That's not right, is it?
Mom: No honey, it is not. The saying is "Happy as a clam."
Harold: Well that is stupid.
Mom: Well thank you anyway. I think.

That got us talking about another time that Harold didn't completely understand an old saying. Here is our conversation from last year:

Harold: Mom, what does it mean if you are shooting the briefs?
Mom: What?
Harold: You know, if you are like talking to the mailman or something and someone says "I was just shooting the briefs."
Mom: No son, it is called "shooting the breeze". Talking, chatting, passing time, just shooting the breeze.
Harold: Oh. I don't think that is right.
Mom: What do you think? Do you think you shoot underwear at people? Shoot legal summaries? I promise you, it is not "briefs". I am absolutely certain about this.

So we get some good laughs about this and then Harold starts complaining hard about his chapped lips. His lips are crazy chapped. He has been spreading chap stick on them all day, but they just keep drying out. Anyway, he is getting frustrated while applying the chap stick again in the car and he says "I keep putting this stuff on and they just keep getting so chapped right here in the cracks." From the backseat Chip says "Just like my butt."

Almost had to pull over it made me laugh so hard. Good times friends! Good times.

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