Thursday, April 1, 2010

Down Under with 20 Second Graders

I spent my morning on a Field Trip with the second grade kiddos in Chip's class. They started the day at a local park where they ran, jumped, dance, spun themselves till they were dizzy messes on the merry go round, flipped on the monkey bars, slid down slides, hit balls...basically heaven on earth for a bunch of seven and eight year olds.

Way much more fun than being stuck in a classroom that is for sure!

A quick snack and then on the bus again to head to the underground cave for a tour. I think two kids barfed on the bus - YIKES!

We had a great tour guide and it made it so much fun for the kids. He pointed out all kinds of interesting shapes that looked like butterflies, bacon, castles, dragons, t-rex dinosaurs. The kids had a ball and I think they might have even learned something. I know I did.
Good time had by all!

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