Friday, April 30, 2010

Gag Order Lifted


I have been doing my level best not to mention on this blog that hubby is not home. It has killed me. Squelched my creativity in a bad way. Every story I wanted to share would lead to right back to me running this house by myself with my two sweet boys and that would in turn inform all the burglars, kidnappers and general low lifes that lurk on the internet with the knowledge that I am a sitting duck, totally vulnerable and alone. Never mind that I live in a crowded neighborhood with 10 houses practically in arms reach where the worst crime is kids stealing stuff out of garages, that I have a large dog that barks when anything gets near the house or that my house is armed with a monitored alarm system, but you NEVER KNOW! I also know this may be both hysterical and offensive to my six loyal readers. (Hey, Mom and Dad!) I love you guys and I know it is not you that would bring me harm, because seriously, you are the same six people that know all my business anyway! The same six people that knew all along hubby was away on travel. You probably didn't know I was such a weirdo. Maybe I should just delete this post and not be so revealing about what a freak I am. Nah, I am pretty sure my six readers know all that about me too!

BUT I READ THINGS and there are bad guys out there. Just waiting to steal my identity or burglarize my house, steal my dog, something really, really bad. (I most definitely watch too much TV!) But now, my hubby is heading home!! Yay! I can stand down as the security guard, locker upper of the house, investigator of weird noises and why the dog is barking and all things involving bad guys, aliens, stalkers, etc. It is a relief. Seriously.

Two weeks is a long time. The whole house has a different vibe to it when hubby is not here. He is a life force, he brings the fun, the laughter and energy. He also does all the driving to and from practices. He hauls the equipment. Not to mention, he is the creator of "Helmet Friday". Recently, on Friday morning he wakes up the kids for school and all three of them put on a football helmet before coming down stairs. Why? Who knows. Is it fun? Apparently if you are 14 and 7. I had to do Helmet Friday last week and I sucked at it. Here it is Friday again and I am thinking of introducing Hugging Friday. Doesn't that just sound more relaxing and fun. I will pitch that to my boys this morning. Not expecting them to be thrilled.

In addition, to not being able to do all the things Dad can do - I am exhausted. This single parenting is hard. I have to do it all and on top of that not sleep well at night. The first few days of his trip, my mom and dad were still here so that was great. Once they left though sleep was a little harder to come by. The last few nights I was so tired I think I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. It has been a long, long couple of weeks.

Tonight, we will all be back together under one roof and I for one could not be happier! Bring on Helmet Friday, ask someone to raise or lower the basketball goal AGAIN, throw a football, be a catcher, get a frisbee out of the tree, talk about NFL Draft picks, video games - no problem I know a guy who is great at that!! It is your Dad and he is home tonight!!!! WooHoo!

I know he is thrilled to be heading home and we are so happy to have him home! He has missed us, of course, but mostly I think he is starving. Poor guy, not that adventureous of an eater in the first place and you put some soup in front of him that has a duck beak and feet in it or a plate with some baby octupus and you have pushed him beyond all limits. I would not want to be in front of him when he gets off the plane in the good ol' USA. He is heading straight for the food court for some good old American food!

Welcome Home Hubby!!!

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