Friday, April 2, 2010

Happenings around Here

We are enjoying the beginning of a three day weekend, with no school for today. Boys are thrilled! Unfortunately I do have some work that must be done so it won't be really kicking off until this afternoon for me.

Harold is having a little sleepover tonight to celebrate his 14th birthday. Chip is more excited than Harold. He thinks he is big time when he gets to sleep on the floor any time Harold has a buddy over.

Saturday, we have no games because it is Easter weekend. I am planning to get some flowers to plant and maybe get a pedicure. I have had a gift certificate since my birthday last year, so Saturday just might be the day! We are going to Easter service on Saturday afternoon. Looking forward to that. Might throw a ham in the oven for after. Definitely also need to find some time to dye some eggs! Have two dozen in the fridge ready to go!

Sunday, we will have our traditional family Easter Egg hunt at our house with the boys. Then for lunch we are going to the V Family Easter Shindig. The V's do it up right. There will be yummy food and a kid and adult Egg Hunt. Everyone brings stuffed eggs for the kids to hunt - money and candy abound. There will be tons of eggs and the kids all get a huge basket full.

The Adult egg hunt is where it is at, though. Every adult stuffs eggs with $10. You can put $1 in 10 eggs, or $10 in one egg. The kids hide the eggs and then the Adults scramble around in a mad dash to find the money eggs. It gets pretty competitive. They wrap up the event with a confetti egg smashing bonanza. I had never seen a confetti egg until I moved to Texas, but they are big here and the kids love them.

There is one dark cloud hanging over this lovely weekend: MUST DO TAXES. YUCK and YIKES!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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