Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Our weekend has been very productive and pleasant!

The boys stuffed eggs to take to the V's today. Six bags of candy and too many eggs to count!

Flowers purchased and planted! Well, except for the ones that are going in the backyard! This afternoon we will tackle those. The boys and I had a great time perusing the Lowe's flower forest. They both picked out flowers which is why we always seem to have a hodgepodge mix of stuff in our flower beds. I don't care...I love that they go with me and want to pick out something. You may or not be able to tell, but we have a little Roll Tide theme going on the left side of the front yard. All red and white. Hope it fills in and looks good!

Eggs were decorated. Brings back such wonderful memories of being a kid myself. I love traditions.

My handsome boys. Made them participate in a photo shoot with me before church. Snapped these pictures between basketball shots - not bad.

The Easter Bunny came and left loot filled basket for these two. Chip was up bright and early and bubbling with excitement. We have had breakfast and three egg hunts in our house this morning! More Easter fun to come at the V's house this afternoon.

Hope your Easter has been as blessed as ours!

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