Wednesday, April 14, 2010


You may have read my recent posts ranting about the tons and tons of yellow stuff falling out of trees around here. Pollen is high on the Allergy reports and I can see it with my own eyes. In the ten years that I have lived in Texas I don't quite ever remember it being this bad.

I guess if you want to have beautiful flowers like these.

And this...then maybe you shouldn't mind this...

Drifts of oak pollen in your driveway. This is what has blown into our driveway over the last two days. Two days!!!

This is a teenage foot next to a pile, just to give you some perspective.

This was the windshield of my Suburban yesterday afternoon. I had to do something...

So, I called in a HAZMAT professional to clean it up. IronMan showed up with just his helmet on. I guess even super heroes need to protect their sinuses from this mess.

He was kind enough to clean off the driveway.

Take a look in the background and you can see how much of it is in the street! That is not leaves - it is Live Oak pollen and it is thicker than thick!

So a special thank you to IronMan - I appreciate the help more than you know!

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