Friday, April 2, 2010

Meet the Pear

Hello Boys. Look what I cut up for you to enjoy with your pizza. It is a pear. It is a luscious fruit full of sweet juicy vitamin rich goodness. I think you will really like it. I have sliced off a piece for each of you to try.

Will you try it? I'll give you a dollar.

NOTE TO READER: If you haven't read my previous post on the Fruit Phobia that runs amok in this house then you probably won't appreciate my ongoing battle to make fruit part of my children's diets.

Please witness Chip's attempt at introducing his body to the Pear.

He took several teenie, tiny bites and was doing fine. Got a little brave and then made the mistake of taking an honest to goodness bite. He spit it out on his plate after a dry heave or two. It was really appetising to watch. Hats off to him though, he gave it a good try. Earned his dollar.

Let's see what Harold does with his opportunity.

Could he have possibly taken a smaller bite?? I think not. If you didn't dry heave then I am guessing that you aren't really trying. Sorry Harold - no dollar!
The battle continues.


  1. What are they going to do when their girlfriends where cherry or strawberry flavored lip gloss? Hopefully they don't start dry heaving after a kiss. LoL!!

  2. Liz - What a spectacular idea! Whenever the inevitable "girlfriends" enter our lives I am going to make it a point to gift them with tons of fruit flavored lip gloss and perfume. They will think I am being nice, but in fact I know my boys won't get near the stuff! Super smart my friend!