Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mer and Grandpa Visit - Day Five

We are all thinking about heading to bed about now, which basically means I have exhausted my parents and myself into needing the requisite 8 hours of recommended sleep!

Let's see...today we started the day by cleaning my couch. It is a white couch - CRAZY right? I have two boys, a dog and a cat - WHO BUYS A WHITE COUCH??? Me. I love it and it cleans up really well, but does require a significant amount of elbow grease. It looks great!

Then I worked for a while and then late morning we headed out to run a few errands.

First stop was Lowe's where we went to buy a few supplies to stabilize the bed frame on my bed. No wise cracks about why it needed fixing up. Just know it is 20 years old and has been moved several times and rivets don't last that long.

Then we went to Kohl's because it is Senior Day and Mer needed a few things.

For lunch we went to Mongolian Grille. They bought my lunch. How backwards is that? Drive 900 miles to see me. Work sun up to sun down doing random chores around my house and then buy me lunch. I certainly wanted to pick up the tab, but they were not having it and I didn't want to have to leg wrestle them in the restaurant.

On top of that, after our errands Bob came home and cut the grass. He also did some of that much neglected maintenance on our lawn mower! Mer was busy prepping for dinner and running the dishwasher AGAIN!!! I caught up on a little work while they fixed the bed frame! It is good as new.

Schnitzel dinner, a quick game of H.O.R.S.E., dishes, a little work, baths and now time for bed!

Tomorrow is our last day and then they will be heading home. I miss them already!

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