Friday, April 16, 2010

Mer and Grandpa Visit - Day One

Mer and Grandpa rolled into town this afternoon, much to the delight of my family. I checked the boys out of school a little early so they could be here to welcome their beloved grandparents to Texas!

They head down to the end of the street to wait for them!

They are HERE!!! Look at that smile!

Waving and honking....the whole cul-d-sac knows they are here now!

Hugs all around.

Grandpa seems a little stiff after his long journey. Chip thinks maybe this is a new Alabama greeting, so he just bends over and joins him.

Pretty soon it looks like an epidemic and everyone is greeting each other in stiff back mode.

Grandpa comes in and lays claim to his little corner of the kitchen counter. I am going to try to take a picture of this area every day to see what new things he accumulates.

We took a tour of the house and ended in the guest room where they checked out their gift basket. So happy to have them here!

Chip talked us into playing about three games of Connect 4 X 4! It was fun. Then we went over the list of things that I need help with while they are here. It is not a long list, but there are lots of things on it.

Grandpa and the boys head outside to play a little game of horse. Grandpa won, so there will definitely be a rematch.

Mer headed upstairs to tackle the first job, which was trying to fix a problematic drawer in Harold's room!

It took Mer about 4 minutes to get it figured out. I spent about an hour rolling around on the floor trying to get that thing back on it's track. She's an awesome fixer of most things.

We headed back outside to see what the fella's were up to and Grandpa had them playing a game of wall ball. In this game, Grandpa tries to throw balls over the fence like a homerun and the boys try to snag them before they go over the fence.

While outside watching the action, I was telling Mer that I need to trim some of the trees limbs in the front yard and the next thing you know she has out the clippers. We quickly filled up two garbage cans with limbs. That wasn't even on the list, but I added it so we could check it off!

Back inside, Chip shares his yearbook from last year with Grandpa before dinner. We had a nice spaghetti dinner and then it was back outside for a little driveway basketball throw down.

This is Team One. They are reigning champs from last fall. There are no refs, which means the play is a little sketchy and there are tons of fouls that are not called.

Me and Mer just hang out and listen to all the trash talking and add fuel to the fire by cheering for both teams. Team Two, made up of Hubby and Harold, took the first game in the series, but there will definitely be a rematch.

Then it was back to wall ball for the second time. They boys probably caught 150 balls each. They were sweaty messes by the time we went back inside.

Grandpa had to take an important call during Wall Ball. I think he might have been faking to get a quick break. Might have been Mer calling from inside my house. She was probably calling to tell Grandpa not to forget to take his pain pill. His back is going to be hurting tomorrow!!

So, you can see we have hit the ground running with this visit. We were supposed to have a weekend filled with baseball and football but the weather has interrupted those plans. We will have fun regardless! Stay tuned tomorrow for more exciting news and updates from our visit! It is sure relaxing to visit us, isn't it?

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  1. Love the picture of Chip and Grandpa looking at his yearbook. You can really feel the love in it.