Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mer and Grandpa Visit - Day Six and Farewell

Well, it came and went faster than you could blink an eye! I can't believe that my Mom and Dad are already on their way back to Alabama. We had a great time and got lots done, but it just passed by too quickly. I am almost embarrassed by how much work they do when they are here - but my embarrassment is quickly overshadowed by the sheer joy of getting some stuff done! I thought I might do a quick summary list of all that we accomplished, but I am afraid if they see it all in one place they won't ever come back!!!!

Let's just quickly recap Day Six since it was the most quiet and maybe relaxing day we had. Dad touched up the paint on my kitchen cabinets, the dining room and the guest room walls. Mer stuffed some new poly fill in my couch cushions that were getting a little flat. We moved an old recliner downstairs and otherwise, just took it pretty easy.

In fact, Dad even broke out his book. Here is a picture for my sister and brother who may never have actually seen their father read a book. It was a first for me!

That's him, alright! And for the record - THIS PHOTO WAS NOT STAGED. I know Bob is famous for staging pictures, but this one was not staged. He was really reading - a book - not the newspaper! It was weird.

Now, I also did some surgery on Dad while he was here. I clipped out the stitches in his mouth. It was gross. Here's a picture of that too!

They left this morning on a bit of a drizzly day. It matched my mood. Goodbyes stink.

So I am getting a bit of a complex this evening. They didn't call me when they got to Vicksburg. They always call. I am trying not to take it personally. In fact, I have tried to call them a couple of times. They are not taking my calls, I guess. Probably afraid that I will tell them I need them to come back!

They need a break from lifting, stretching, jumping, twisting...and that is just playing with the grand kids, not doing all my fixer up projects. There is only so much Lortab you can take for your bad back before your bowels get locked up. That is kind of why Bob was so happy yesterday morning, after three nights of back medicine, that the power of Miralax kept him regular. It is a problem and we discussed it at length. No subject is off limits around here! Miralax is a miracle in a bottle.

On that note, I will close out the Spring 2010 Visit by Mer and Grandpa. It was wonderful as always and I just wish everyone could have such wonderful parents. They are fun, handy and they love me. What else could a girl ask for?? I have it all!!!

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