Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mer and Grandpa Visit - Day Three

Day three of the April 2010 visit with Mer and Grandpa dawned a little on the chilly side. We drank two cups of coffee and got busy with our day. The boys started the day with some wall ball and the deciding game of the Driveway Championship.

They pulled out all the stops and it was neck and neck for the entire game.

Grandpa covers these boys like a blanket. They don't know which way is up! Or maybe they are laughing so hard that they can't get a shot off. I don't know which.

He shoots from downtown, but Harold gets just enough hand on it to mess it up!

That helped wrap up the Championship for Team Two. It is their first win in three years and they were thrilled to seal it up! Chip on the other hand was not that happy.

After all the exercise, we were ready to do a few things around the house. First up, changing the light bulbs in the garage door opener. And then there was light!!!

Next up, we changed the filter in the fridge. This was by far the most comical event of the day. So when you change the filter in our fridge, you have to let the water run for a while to prime the filter. I gave Dad the rundown on how the water won't turn off until the filter is full. We both go over to the fridge armed with big cups and containers. When Dad's got full, I was going to replace his cup with mine. It didn't quite go to plan. He thought he was going to dump his out in my container and go back under the spigot. So as his cup is nearing the time we are primed to moved. Unfortunately, I moved my container at the exact moment he was trying to dump his into it.

What resulted was a supremely large water spill on the kitchen floor. We are just a well oiled machine the two of us. I was worth a few laughs that is for sure!

Next up was a little XBox tournament.

Here is the crazy vine that is trying to take over my backyard.

We filled up a couple of garbage cans full of this vine by giving it a good haircut.

Can you find the lizard in this picture? We ran into a whole herd of these little guys. I think we were interrupting their habitat in a major way.
Next up, getting the master bedroom ready for painting. We moved all the furniture away from the walls. Grandpa taught Harold how to remove electrical cover plates and patch holes in the wall. He did a great job!
Chip was a big help putting the furniture sliders exactly where we need them to be able to move all that heavy furniture.
Later in the afternoon we had another crazy round of Guesturres.
This is Grandpa doing the word "flirt". Laughed so hard I almost dropped the old Nikon 5000 on the floor. So glad I was able to capture Bob looking sexy! We took a quick run up to CVS and then home for dinner.

It is never enough so Grandpa showed the boys how to fold paper airplanes and for the last thirty minutes they have been trying to throw them over the banister upstairs.

Harold got lucky!

Chip's airplane keeps getting stuck on the landing and he has to keep going upstairs to get it. He is getting some good exercise.

Grandpa has a winning design that Chip can't wait to show the kids at school tomorrow!

A good day had by all, but we are all dragging. Is it bedtime yet????

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  1. What friggin awesome grandparents!!!!!! Dang, I'm jealous and wish I had that growing up. I absolutely love all of the pics you are taking. What wonderful memories.