Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moving Out

Harold has always had this one place on this neck where he grows this little patch of long hairs. They are very light, but if you catch him sideways in the right light they are really kind of long. Those neck hairs contributed to his nickname. Once when we pointed out the hairs, Chip said "You're hairy". His response "I'm hairy". So hubby logically started calling him Harry, which then progressed to the formal Harold. Not even remotely close to his real name, but now even some of his friends occasionally refer to him as Harry.

Anyway, last night before he jumped in the shower he asked if he could shave those hairs off of his neck. I said sure and he put an ultra excessive amount of shaving cream on his neck and got after them. He had not used a razor before so it was a bit of a learning process, but he caught on pretty quick. I was monitoring the washing of Chip's dirty baseball body, but caught a glimpse of Harold in the mirror leaning over the sink and concentrating on the razor. I thought to myself that he looked so much older. I am sure it was the fact that he was shaving and that is such a grown up thing to do, but it kind of caught me off guard.

After he finished shaving he looked at me and said "I think I am going to move my stuff into the other bathroom". What? Why? His response "I just think it is time."

Really, it is time already? Do we have to shave and move out all in the same night?

I know that it isn't a huge deal, moving his toothbrush and deodorant two doors down to the bathroom in the hallway. But it is a small little step of independence. A bit of growing up, a little progress toward becoming an adult. It won't be many more years that he will be packing up his toothbrush and deodorant and moving it into a place of his own. It will happen and way quicker than I am ready for.

I was proud of him and told him so.

Then he and Chip did a wild naked butt slapping crazy dance in front of the big bathroom mirror and in the midst of it, Harold looks over at me and says "I will never be too old to dance naked with Chip."

I REALLY hope he is wrong about that!!

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