Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Pretty, The Ugly and The Cute

First - The Pretty: A daily picture of my crazy pretty irises! This is hands down the most blooms I have ever had on this small patch of transplanted irises. I can't even count how many more buds are on the stems ready to open! I think the key was our really cold, wet winter! Whatever it is I am grateful!

Second - The Ugly: Elbows. Talk about something you never pay any attention to until your 14 year old says "Mom, why are my elbows so dark and dry?" I tell him it is a family curse. It comes from my side of the family and for that I am so very sorry. I can still remember my Grandmother putting fresh lemons on her elbows and that "Pretty Feet" cream for scrubbing feet. It is not pretty. Let's put the handy dandy Nikon 5000 into good use. I present to you, The Family Elbow Album:

Dad's elbow. At first glance it doesn't appear to be anything to write home about, but wait until you see the rest of family and you will realize his could be the Ms. America or more appropriately, Mr. Universe elbow champion of the world.

This is mine. Gross. I am sure it is the lighting in the kitchen that makes it look like part of an eel. I am going to ask for a retake tonight. Might put a little contouring makeup on before I put it in front of the camera.

Here is Harold's. It looks particularly dry and disgusting. Poor kid, I hope he is not getting ridiculed at school. It's genetics people - he has no control over his elbows! Might be time to drag out the lemons.

Little Chip's elbow. Definitely not as dark and dry as Harold's but you can see there may be a tendency for his elbow to also go the way of Mom's hereditary lineage. Why couldn't we have gotten something fabulous like long graceful necks or pretty feet? Don't even get me started on the feet. Scary!

Let's move on to The Cute:

Chip: Mom, what are you doing with that camera?

Mom: I am taking a picture of you in the bathtub.

Chip: Oh brother, why does this not surprise me?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is one of the best series of books for young readers, especially boys. Chip has read them all, two or three times. He laughs out loud when he is reading these stories. Then of course he wants to read the stories to me or tell me all about what he has read. I wish there were fifty of them!

Hope your day is great and that you weren't eating lunch when you were subjected to The Family Elbow Album.

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