Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sacred and Sentimental

I am charging through my house with reckless abandon today, gathering items for our Breast Cancer Yard Sale on Saturday. I am ruthless. If it hasn't been used in a while, regardless of how new or fabulous it is, it is out of here. If I am on the fence about keeping something or getting rid of it - I just about always opt to get rid of it. It is just how I am. I can't ever remember a time that I got rid of something and then later wished I had it back. Purging is so cleansing to me. Clear out your closets and it clears out your mind. Or something like that.

There is one major exception to my ruthless purging of too small, unused, cluttering items. That would be all the precious things of my two boys that are just sacred and sentimental to part with. They remind me so vividly of when they were small. I can't bear to part with favorite shirts, old sport team shirts, school shirts, special occasion outfits, favorite toys, the list goes on and on. Chip is seven and I just mustered the courage to let my Mom take the Winnie the Pooh bedding that lined the cribs of both my children to a friend she knew that needed it. It hurt me to see it go, although I knew it wasn't practical to keep it. I am not having any more kids and by the time my boys grow up and have kids of their own, their wives aren't going to want our old bedding for their new babies. Better that someone use it now. That makes so much more sense...but parting is such sweet sorrow.

While on my rampage today, I went upstairs to visit the closets where all things sacred and sentimental are stored. Come with me...see the things that I find way too precious to part with.

Look, I actually have a bin clearly labeled "Sacred and Sentimental". That means, if there is a fire, please save this bin. It holds the stuffed football that served as the packaging for a bracelet that Hubby and Harold gave me before Chip was born. The label said the football was for "Thunder" (Chip's code name when he was in the womb! It is actually what Harold wanted to name him.) and the bracelet was for Mom. Also in there are the four cutest Winnie the Pooh prints ever, ever, ever produced. They are prints of the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. They are small prints, but in them that cute little Winnie is doing something precious. Spring he is fighting with an umbrella, in Fall he is jumping in leaves, just precious. When I was pregnant, I had them framed and they hung in the baby nursery for both Harold and Chip. I will never part with them - EVER! They may never grace the walls of my house again, but they will forever be with me in this bin. Seems like a shame to keep them put away, but where do you hang nursery pictures when you don't have a nursery???

And this giant old Pooh - I love him. He is wearing a hat that Hubby's mom left here after our trip to Disney. She is gone now and I will keep that hat forever.

Be still my heart. It is a Gymboree blanket that someone gave to me when Harold was born. Between the two of my children it was used, washed and worn thin. It is torn in places and should be thrown away but I just can't.

The outfit that Harold came home in.

The outfit that Chip came home in.

I have about three of these.

Chip wore this little outfit all the time.

Oh, but this one takes the cake. My sister-in-law brought this to Harold from D.C. He wore it all the time and then Chip wore it just as much. It is so thin that it is on the verge of falling apart. I must preserve this t-shirt. I love it and it brings back so many memories of little boys in diapers toddling around my house.

I am going to sign off now and go sit and look through baby books and have a good cry.

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  1. I so do this. I have a bin for each child with their crib blanket, their coming home outfit, and a few other little outfits and things that I can never, ever part with.
    Why do they have to grow up so quickly?? :)
    Nice to meet you! I am so glad you left a comment! Thank you!