Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend in Review

These are the Cliff Notes on our weekend:

Friday night - Main Event birthday party for Chip. Highlight - he picked glow in the dark fangs as his prize. He choked on them in the parking lot and barfed all over my hand. He now has them mastered and can put them in and remove them without barfing. Kids are sponges.

Saturday - Got up at 5:00 a.m. for the Breast Cancer 3 Day Garage Sale. Should have been a drag, but it was fun! We made over $400. In the afternoon, Harold played a flag football game. A guy on the other team showed up in jeans and we thought for sure the Vikings were going to wear them out. They didn't. Harold was an angry elf. Went to Saturday afternoon church. Chip charged out of his class just bubbling over to tell me something. Apparently, he was was the tail end of a "pass the story" game where each kids adds a sentence. His ending "The guy was so mad he didn't get a Mustang that he did a suicide with a bomb." Way to represent the family, Chip. Geez. Dinner at Pluckers with friends. Jamaican Jerk seasoning is GOOD! Easter money spent at Target. Boys watched Old Dogs. I went to bed.

Sunday - Up early again. This time for no good reason. Damp, dreary kind of day. Got a little spring cleaning fever. Purged, cleaned, straightened, organized. Cleaned out Chip's room. Put all our old wooden puzzles and sacred books into an appropriate place on the sacred and sentimental shelf. Organized his bookshelf, cleaned out his closet. Did the same with Harold's room. Harold hung up some of his sports memorabilia that had been laying around for a while. I let him do it all by himself and he did great and had fun. He also made a frozen pizza today all on his own. Good skills to have. Cleaned out his closet. Not one single thing is on the floor. It is a beautiful sight. Washed sheets for all. Hubby cleaned out the garage. Played Connect 4, Chutes and Ladders and Battleship with Chip. Got the guest room ready for my parents! They will be here on Friday! Busy day. Garbage cans are filled to overflowing, but very satisfied. Just have to get the refrigerator cleaned out and my list will be finished. Great day.

Hoping to watch some of my favorite shows tonight without falling asleep! Going to be a busy week ahead so getting to bed early will be a priority!

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

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