Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

Could I possibly be out of things to blog about? No, of course not! Just running the roads and no time to stop! The weekend has been busy and productive! Friday night it was dinner at Applebees and shoe shopping for the boys. Both are growing like weeds and in need of new tennis shoes. Harold also needed new football cleats because his toes were getting super squished in his old ones. Tried on every pair of football cleats in the place before we found a winner. It was excruciatingly painful - too tight, too big, touches my ankle weird, big hump in the middle, ugly, stiff, you name it, we tried it on and critiqued it up and down. Glad I am not a cleat!

How could a face this cute have feet that are so dang impossible???!!!

After some storms blew through on Friday night, Saturday morning dawned super cool, crisp and sunny!
My rose bush has started to bloom in the back and it was pretty in the early morning sun.

So we started off early with a 9:00 a.m. baseball game. It was a good game, but we came up one run short in the fifth inning. We had a double header and the second game started at 11:00. The Cardinals got drilled. It was not even remotely fun to watch. BOO! Ended the game with Chip getting hit in the forehead by a team mate swinging a bat around in the dugout. Kinda of scary, but he was fine.
Not particularly happy - but not hurt too bad.

We left baseball and headed home for a quick break. Flag Football started at 3:00 and the Vikings also got drilled. Bad day for sports around here!

Went to church and then closed out Saturday with a trip to the movies! "How to Train Your Dragon". It was fine - not a must see, but cute.

In bed by 10:30!! Yeah!!

Woke up early, due to the nice early bedtime and had several cups of coffee! Did a little work - the paying kind. Didn't get nearly as much done as I had hoped so I am going to have to hit it hard tomorrow. Everything I touched had a problem. I hate when that happens.

Went to Subway for Lunch and Chip ordered a sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers!

Hello veggies! Welcome to Chips little body! He took a few honest to goodness real bites, but then the veggies started falling out all over the place. Was it an accident or on purpose - I think my opinion would differ from his! Regardless, it was an awesome attempt and I am tickled that he ordered it that way!

Harold felt a little pressure to add some veggies to his sandwich so he ordered some lettuce on his chicken sandwich. Ate it all.

Harold had a make up flag football game at 2:00, but the other team didn't show. Forfeit. No fun there! Can anyone tell that Harold has some Portuguese in him?? Look at the color of his shorts with that shirt! He thought it was fine. It was picture day too. Nice.

Anyway, we wrapped up our weekend by going to Chuy's with Beth and her gang. We had some good laughs about some terribly inappropriate dinner topics. I love boys - they just don't care who hears what!

Monday, we will hit the ground running - looking forward to Friday already!!!

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