Monday, April 5, 2010

Wrapping up Easter

First of all, I have to give you a quick garden update. On Easter morning, while on my morning tour of the yard I found that I have six of these gorgeous beauties in full bloom. There are many, many more to follow! Made me so happy!

Here is something else that made me smile.

Here is Chip with his prized chocolate Easter bunny. He was so excited to unwrap this baby and get to eating.

Surprisingly enough, it got about the same disgusted face as the pear did on Friday. He didn't like it. In fact, he didn't eat much of anything in his Easter basket. Wouldn't try the chocolate SpongeBob coins, took about five licks of his Ring Pop and it was in the trash, Rice Krispy treat - same thing. Bad news...this kid loves candy. Good news...he only thinks he loves candy. He really doesn't and that is a-okay with me!

Now on to the second half of our Easter Sunday. As I mentioned previously, after perusing our Easter Baskets, eating breakfast and having a few Easter Egg hunts in our house we enjoyed lunch with the V Family.

Here are our great friends and host family of Easter 2010! They have been hosting their families for Easter for as long as we have known them. It's their thing. There was tons of food - Brisket, Enchiladas, Rice, Beans, Salad, Queso, Macaroni, Fruit Salad. And the desserts - YUM!

There were also many children at the gathering. From this picture you won't be able to tell, but there were a couple of girls there too. They were decked out in their beautiful Easter Sunday dresses and didn't do the sweaty basketball thing. Lots of sweat and basketball with this gang.

And lots of laughing too!

There were 100's of Easter Eggs hidden for the kids. Some were this obvious - others a little harder to find. The kids were like vacuum's, grabbing eggs up as they walked by. Took us a lot longer to put them out than it did for them to find them!

Then there was the adult hunt. My hubby scored the most eggs and most money. He got 16 eggs and $28.50. I got 6 eggs and $4.40. I had a couple of kids feel sorry for my pitiful hunting skills and they gave me some clues.

Thanks V Family for including us in your celebration! A fun time was had by all, especially this kid.
Now to get on with Monday, Monday, Monday!!!

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