Friday, May 14, 2010

10 Totally Random Tidbits

1. This is my second post in one day. Call the press. Alert my mother, she will be so happy. This number 1. really shouldn't count as a Tidbit, because it is really just tooting my own horn, but I could only come up with nine random Tidbits. Had to throw it in!

2. Second round of Spanish Pork Ribs are finished. Now maybe we can just let Friday be Friday.

3. I want to win the lottery. Badly. I must play the lottery to win the lottery.

4. Chip is having an Iron Man Bowling Birthday party. Does Iron Man bowl? Doesn't matter. Chip bowls and he will have fun. My baby is going to be 8! WHAT???? How did that happen?

5. My cat gets on my last nerve. Greeted this morning with cat litter from one end of the laundry room to the other. Bought a new litter box with really high sides. Doesn't work. She hates me.

6. May has officially surpassed December as the busiest month of the year. It is absolute insanity around here with all the coming and goings. Come on June!

7. I lost about 40 hours of my life last week that I will never get back. I spent it looking for the perfect lake house vacation home for my family. It ended up being a futile search and we are going back to our original beach plan. Hardest assignment I have had in a good long while. Was never more thrilled when the search was called off.

8. I went to a Carrie Underwood concert the other night. It was awesome. I cried - real tears that had to be wiped away - when she sang "Temporary Home". That girl has an amazing voice and it was joy to hear her sing. I could have stood for the volume to be turned down a little and for it to have started a little earlier. You can tell I am old when a concert is too loud and too late. Did not get home until midnight!!!

9. I have to start training in earnest for the 3 Day 60 Mile walk in a couple of weeks. That means long walks on the weekends! I am looking forward to it! Hopefully I will keep up my walks during the week once school gets out and will be in pretty good shape!

10. What is up with Dell dying on Private Practice?? Should I have seen that coming??? I was not prepared.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Why did they kill Dell off?!?! I was boo-hoo'ing like a baby. When are you bringing the kids to Orlando? Isn't it time for a Disney/Beach trip? I can hook you up with a great beach place here (Cape Caribe - look it up).