Wednesday, May 12, 2010

High Tech Solutions

What is the life span of a typical cell phone in the hands of a 14 year old boy? On Monday, Harold came home from a canoeing/kayaking field trip completely soaked from flipping out of a canoe. He, of course, didn't take a towel or change of clothes so he was a shivering, stinky, damp mess after sitting on the bus in cold clothes for the ride home. I see him get off the bus and he looks like a drowned rat, walking all funny because his undies are damp and cold. He is smiling and laughing until he sees me. Then he holds up his hand and in it is his new cell phone, purchased just six short weeks ago with his birthday money. It was safely contained in an airtight ziploc bag in case this very drenching thing took place. MEMO TO FILE: Ziploc baggies are apparently not air tight and are no help in keeping electronic items bone dry under water. What does work?? Anyone???

Harold said the kids on the field trip all said to put his phone in a bowl of dry rice overnight to let it dry out and that it might turn on the next day. We tried it. Didn't work. Heard you could try putting it in a ziploc bag with a slice of bread. We tried it. Didn't work. I am guess this is a pretty common problem since so many folks had heard of and used the rice and bread technique with some success.

He thinks he has enough money left to buy a new phone. Not one as nice as the one that took a swim in Barton Creek, but it will still be plenty nice. I think I am going to go against all of my father's teachings and have Harold buy the extra replacement insurance this time. I never, ever, ever buy the extra insurance for anything. BUT, in this case I will assume that the minute he pays for the replacement insurance, it is a sure guarantee that he will never need it. Phone will last him through college.

Not sure why this cell phone technology is so dang sensitive to water. We need to get Nintendo involved for a better solution. I have washed a couple of Gameboys in the washing machine. They go through an entire wash cycle and those babies come out sparkly, shiny and STILL WORK! That is the perfect electronic device for kids!

Anyway, taking any and all tips on how to keep a cell phone dry in the hands of a 14 year old boy!

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  1. You have to leave the phone in the rice for ONE WEEK not overnight. It works (Trust me - two teenage boys - LOTS of cell phones - purchase the insurance it is worth it). One thing we learned about the insurance though is that you have 2 phones in a 12 month period - more than that they drop you from the insurance. If you learn how to keep a cell phone air tight around water, please pass it along!