Monday, May 24, 2010

It's All About Chip

My baby turned eight this weekend and we partied like there was no tomorrow. We kicked it off with a little celebration at school on Friday afternoon.

I picked up a yummy cookie from the Cookie Company and some drinks and went up and shared that with his classmates. He loved when they sang Happy Birthday to him and threw in lots of "cha-cha-chas". I checked him out of school a little early and he loved that even more.

On the morning of his actual birthday we kicked off the celebration with a Scavenger Hunt.

I hid ten little presents around the house with a clue for the next one. It ended with him outside getting his most eagerly anticipated present out of the car. Ironman 2 for Wii. He was thrilled.

Later that morning it was out to the ballpark for Closing Ceremonies. He got his trophy and who doesn't like getting some hardware.

Then he was happy to find out he got picked to play in the Player's Choice game. It is exactly what the name implies. The kids on each team vote for two kids to represent their team in the Player's Choice game and Chip was one of the them.

It was a nice group of kids and Chip's team played really well.

They were nice and weird. Later that evening we went to Chip's first love's wedding to another man. Our sweet babysitter, Brittany got married to a great fellow named Rick. The wedding was lovely. During the reception Brittany and Rick had the DJ announce a special guest in attendance who was celebrating a birthday. Chip heard his name and his arms shot up in the air like he just won the lottery. The bride and groom brought out a piece of wedding cake with a candle and the whole place sang Happy Birthday to Chip. It was so sweet and thoughtful and he loved it!

The next day we squeezed in his actual birthday party with his friends. Bowling fun for everyone.

Bowling makes Chip happy.

His brother does not always make him happy.

Presents....ALWAYS make him happy.

Cool new Red Sox hat really made him happy.

After school yesterday we went to Ms. Beth's house and she bestowed two Iron Man toys on him. She gave him the light that goes in Iron Man's chest and he is obsessed with it.

After that, I realized that his birthday money was burning a hole in his pocket so we had to urgently go to Target to spend every penny. We currently are the proud owners of the entire line of Iron Man toys available for purchase at Target. I have Iron Man crap from one end of this house to the next. He loved his birthday!

Chip, I hope you have many, many more happy and wonderful birthdays in your future! I love you like crazy and can't even think about how fast eight years have gone by. If I do, I might cry! You are a wonderful part of our family and a supreme blessing to this lucky mommy! I love you to the moon and back! I get to have the last word on this blog and I LOVE YOU MORE!!!

P.S. Bonus happiness around here is that there are only three more days of school remaining! Hip, hip, hooray!

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