Friday, May 28, 2010

The Last Day of School

I will be waking my boys in about 15 minutes for the last day of school. Goodbye Middle School, Harold is outta there. Goodbye 2nd Grade, Chip has had enough of you! It will be a great day at school today. More for Chip than Harold. Chip gets to play kickball all day and Harold has to take two final exams. Regardless though, they will both have a spring in their step and a smile on their face. I envy them, to have two solid months off to just play. Too bad that when you are young, you just don't appreciate how very awesome that deal is!

For me, here are the best things about summer:

No bedtimes.
No schedules.
No overloaded calendar.
No homework.
No hectic mornings.
No studying for tests.

Here is the worst:

I'm bored.

Personally, I love to be bored. Bored out of my ever loving mind. So bored that watching paint dry would seem like a Broadway production. I LOVE BORED. I could curl up with a good book and nothing on my schedule every single day and be happy as a clam. It doesn't even have to be that good of a book, it could stink and I would still be happy.

I hope we at least make it through the first week without hearing those words!

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