Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend 2010 will go down as one of the most relaxing weekends of my life. We went absolutely NOWHERE!!! It was brilliant.

We woke up every morning without an alarm. Had a relaxing breakfast, read the paper, put on some grungy clothes and worked out in the yard. Worked hard - filled up four garbage cans and got my much neglected garden back in shape.

While we were gardening, we found some cool critters. The boys have an old aquarium that we used to capture and cage those cool critters. The boys had so much fun creating the perfect habitat and finding plenty of food for these guys.

The first was this huge, hairy caterpillar. I mean this thing was so big you could feel every step it took on your hand. It was kind of freaky.

We also caught and captured this sweet little frog. We named him Mr. Lippe. He was terribly cool to look at and the boys spent a good long while gathering little bugs for him to eat. It was a bug buffet the likes of which this guy had never seen. He must not have liked the selection though because he busted out over night! We were planning to let him go yesterday, but he didn't stick around for any goodbyes!

We did turn the caterpillar loose! But not before Chip let him crawl all over his hand! It started heading up his arm and it was game over, caterpillar in the grass!

In addition to our outdoor critters, we are babysitting this indoor critter. He is a guinea pig and his name is Vince. His people went to Disney World and all he got was a trip around the corner to our house. We are enjoying him though. He probably hasn't had this many people watch him eat in a while. He is ravenous over his veggies!

While yard work was being done, the boys played in the hose. They spent an hour filling up these squirt guns and blasting each other.

I am sure the neighbors would have appreciated a little less screaming, but summer fun is hard to keep quiet!

Chip loved this!
After gardening and lunch, the Clampetts spent the afternoons at Beth's house and acted like the rich and famous. Beth's family is out of town and she invited us to use their pool while they were gone. And boy did we ever. We loafed around there for 3 hours every day. It was just like being at a resort.

These yahoos never got out of the water. They played Blind Man in the Water, Water Baseball, Jumping Contests, and we had team swim relays.

We broke out the underwater camera and took loads of pictures.

There was jumping and jumping and jumping and jumping. Then they jumped just a few more times for good measure.

There was some splashing, floating, swimming, dunking and hand standing. We were on vacation in our own neighborhood! It was awesome! Both the boys were water logged and wrinkled.

We came home, cleaned up, grilled out hamburgers Saturday night and pork loin Sunday night. Why does food on the grill just taste so darn good?? We had some yummy grilled asparagus and corn on the cob too! Chip ate a piece of asparagus on a dare! Harold passed on that dare!

We also made margaritas! Yummy, refreshing margaritas. They were awesome and perfect for a little refreshment on a summer evening.

The margaritas also helped rejuvenate us for a weekend of competitive ladder ball in the cul-de-sac. It was me and Harold against Chip and Dad.

Can you tell who won? Here's a clue: It wasn't Chip. I am just going to say it here - I am not good at very many things, but I ROCK THE LADDER BALL!!! Put it on my tombstone - She Rocked the Ladder Ball.

To wrap up the weekend we went to the local sporting goods store so Chip could spend the last of his birthday money. Look what this boy came home with! A headband and a shooting sleeve. Is this kid cool or what? I know you are probably thinking "or what", right? Can't wait to see him bring this look to the rec ball league in the fall. They better watch out!

It will be so awesome to crawl into bed tonight knowing that we spent this weekend just being a family. We talked, played, laughed and got every moment of joy out of this weekend we could manage. I wish every weekend could be just like this one!

One closing thought as this holiday weekend comes to an end. We are always aware that FREEDOM is not free...thank you to those who have served and those who are currently serving our country! Our blessings are many and we thank you for your courage and bravery and personal sacrifices so that we can live in this outstanding country! Happy Memorial Day to all!

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