Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Many Hats

I thought it might be fun and terrifying to see the many different hats I am wearing during this crazy busy month of May:

Wife/Coaches Wife: Can you pick up my dry cleaning? Would you put my Coaches shirt in the dryer when the washer stops? If you go to the store we need Gatorade. I think we are bringing snacks for the game tonight? Bring the camcorder/camera and try to remember to take some pictures? Are you keeping score for us tonight? What are we having for dinner? Coaches gifts - Team Mom gift - Closing Ceremonies 9:00 a.m. on Saturday - Player's Choice Game after - Order cookie for end of season party next Tuesday.

Mom/Maid/Cook: Wash Chip's uniform for third consecutive game this week. Make sure Harold has what he needs for his field trip on Friday. Coordinate Chip's 8th birthday celebration at school (pick up cookie, drinks, napkins, plates). Coordinate Chip's real birthday party (call with final numbers, find a damn Iron Man cake somewhere in this town, finish treat bags, figure out what to buy the child for his birthday, make it fun, magical and all that an 8 year old would want!) Make sure Chip has a good bathing suit to wear to the 2nd Grade end of the year party. Get check to PV for Bible Study leader gift. What is for dinner? Do not want to eat out again.

Pet Owner: Get Astro to the vet for Bordetella shot before we leave for vacation. His has expired and they won't let him stay without it. Try daily to not wish harm on my cat.

School Volunteer: 8th Grade Dance Raffle Co-Chair (make posters, paint sign, buy pens, set up at 2:00 on Saturday, bring ladder, print master list of prizes, print schedule for announcements of prizes, bake 2 dozen cookies for dessert) 2nd Grade Award Breakfast (bring juice, napkins, plates) 2nd Grade End of Year Party (teacher gift, official photographer for the Hawaiian photo booth, print pictures at Walgreens on Thursday night and send into school on the last day of school)

Personal Shopper: Graduation Cards get them in the mail, Wedding Card, What are we wearing to the Wedding?

Team Captain: Send out Training Schedule to 3 Days 4 Hope Team, write some kind of inspirational message to get folks to donate money, chase down corporate match and figure out when it is going to hit my 3 Day account, get to Wal-Mart to set up dates for the Adopt a Duck fund raiser.

Employee: Issue new subcontract award, work on status of 14 subs submitted on recent proposal - need to be ready to award immediately if we win, finalize audits for six files, continue to upload all electronic files into our new shared database (painful and slow and confusing), issue mods, pay invoices, weekly report, log mods into database, and other duties as I remember them!!!

Other than these few things, I have very little going on at the end of May! The good news is that my June calendar is blissfully bare!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!


  1. I thought I was busy...go through the car wash, cut the grass and go to Wal-Mart for banana's and milk. That's my load for May.