Monday, May 3, 2010

Parade of Bathrooms

It's time. Time to talk about some Asian bathrooms. I won't be able to tell you which country specifically these were found but just know it was in Asia somewhere.

To start with, I will give you Hubby's absolute favorite.

Please note the shower head is in the top of the ceiling and falls on you like rain. He loved this shower and has mentioned it more than once since he returned home. Please also note that there is a window in the shower that looks into the bedroom area. This allows people like Hubby, who are not ashamed of their bodies and mortified to be seen in broad daylight to watch TV while showering. This is my worst nightmare. I would never bathe if this was my only shower option. If I could maybe have complete darkness or at least some ambient candle light I might be able to do it. All lights on, middle of the day, never gonna happen!!!!

I should mention that we are having some water pressure issues after our visit from Joe the Plumber back in January. Apparently our house had water pressure that was five times more than the housing standard these days. Strong enough to like blow gaskets off of underground pipes. I loved it before. You could have the sprinkler going, the washing machine, dishwasher, a bathtub filling up and the still get a good shower. Since Joe the Plumber reduced the water pressure to closer to normal you can't do any two things at once. ONE THING AT A TIME. Heaven forbid you shower while the sprinklers are running, you can't even rinse your hair. And you should see the pitiful water spitting out the sprinkler if you turn on the washing machine. It literally looks like someone spitting. NOT GOOD. My theory is that Hubby just got addicted to good water pressure on his trip.

Let's move on to shower picture number two.

Look at this - the bathtub is inside the shower enclosure. The person who designed this has children. I can promise you that. It is genius! If you have ever seen what a mess two boys can make in a bathtub you know how cool this would be. This is a playground for bathing brothers. One could be in the tub throwing buckets of water on the one showering. The other could be showering and spraying the other kid in the bathtub right in the face with the hand held shower nozzle. And the mother could just sit outside the glass, reading her People Magazine and smile because all the water would just go down the drain. It would be a beautiful thing. I am sure my children would stay in here for hours. Bad for the environment, but totally, totally cool for kids! Now for me, along the same lines of the first bathroom I like a little privacy. I love to take a hot bubble bath, but would not want Hubby or the kids wanting to come in and shower while I was in the shower. You know any book I would be reading would be soaked, because they would not be able to stand not shooting me with that hand shower. Not for me at all.

Speaking of cool - check this out!

It's the control panel for this.

A toilet. You can warm the seat. You can splash cold water on your parts. You can shoot warm water on your parts. You can adjust the water pressure to be soft or sand blast. I guess it just depends on what kind of visit you have had to the old toilet. This scares me a little bit. It seems really complicated.

So last, but not least, let's check out the really complicated bathroom situation.

This is a bathroom at the airport in Tokyo. He said they also had these bathrooms at the business he visited. What the heck??? There are no directions, but from the looks of it, you hold on the white bars and squat over the hole in the ground - for both versions of the bathroom trip. What? How? Do you take your pants all the way off??? It is far down there. You are squatting and then trying to get the toilet paper to wipe. REALLY? Is there water in the bowl? Will it splash on you. If there is not water that seems even ickier. And, hello is there a door here??? Can't be squatting, holding on to the bar, trying to wipe while being visible to all visitors. CRAZY!!!! The sign outside is of a growup going to the bathroom and a baby sitting on a shelf. What??? Do you sit the baby on the shelf there???

I would need a lesson on what to do here and even with the lesson I am sure it would be a complete and total bathroom disaster!

I hope that you enjoyed the walk through some Asia bathrooms. I was fascinated and never more thrilled to live in the U.S.A.

Have a great one!

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  1. How in the hell is anyone supposed to use that last bathroom?!?! Seriously there is no door there????? I guess that's one way to discourage people from going.

    I still haven't forgotten about you...and your trips up to the 4th floor. LMAO!!! ;o)