Monday, May 31, 2010

Pure Bliss

Lots of moms take their camera to school on the first day of school, including me! This year, though I also took mine on the last day of school. If you want to capture, pure joy on your child's face, be there the minute the last bell rings for the school year. It is right up there with Christmas morning.

Here is Chip, loaded down with all the contents of his desk and every project he did during the year. Even weighed down with all this stuff, he was walking on air.

Yes!!! SCHOOLS OUT - it is summer! I waited on the front porch for Harold to get off the bus so I could capture his expression! As soon as he saw me he started a backward jog of joy!!!

Kid has moves when it comes to celebrating the end of 8th grade!

Look at his face - Pure Joy I tell you!

Oh yeah - no more Algebra - no more Spanish II - no more homework - no more bedtimes - no more early mornings - no more crummy lunches! Bring on summer fun!

He calmed down enough to show me the Top Actor trophy he got on the last day of school. His class voted and he came home with the hardware. He posed for me just momentarily and then was off to change into his swim suit.

He and his buddies were having a swim party to celebrate the end of school.

He was off on his bike to Jack's house and the beginning of an awesome summer! Me and a few of my friends took the younger kids to see Shrek - The Final Chapter in 3D. It was really, really good! Then we grabbed some dinner and came home to collapse! Great day in the life of a school age kid! Makes me wish I would have appreciated it more when I was a kid! I do enjoy getting to live it through my kids again! Not quite as good as living it myself, but not bad!
More to come with our Memorial Day Weekend! We have had one of the best, most relaxing, enjoyable long weekends in family history! It is exactly what I needed!

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