Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome Home

Although it was getting dark by the time that Daddy rolled into the driveway on Friday night we were all waiting outside. The boys were just giddy. So giddy that Chip turned over a little cooler full of water in my new car (BAD BOY!) and Harold dropped his large sweet in the laundry room (BAD BOY!). I was a sweaty mess after cleaning up both of those spills that happened within about 3 minutes of each other. My horns may have come out for a few minutes.

Perfect timing for Daddy to roll in and save the boys from their mother!

Harold almost knocked him back into the car he hugged him so hard.

Look at that little boy's smile. Do you think he likes his Daddy or what?

Next up on the old Blog - Asian Bathroom Pictures and Discussion! You don't want to miss it!!!

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