Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well Checks

I took both my boys to the doctor yesterday for their well check-ups. Remember the days of monthly well checks for our babies? Seems like so long ago! Here are their stats:

Harold - 170 Months Old (or 14 years and 2 months)
Height - a smidgen shy of 5' 3" (50 - 75%)
Weight - 92 pounds (10 - 25%)
Eyesight - 20/20
Hearing - Excellent

Chip - 96 Months Old (turns 8 years old on Saturday)
Height - 4' 6" (95%)
Weight - 97 pounds (well above 95%)
Eyesight - 20/20
Hearing - Excellent

No shots required for either! High fives all around. I won't even go into a description of the fiasco that was peeing in a cup for these two boys. Let's leave it at "They both really, really, really had to go and there was some serious hand sanitizing that took place after their specimen was captured.". Is that too much information??? Probably, and I am sorry for that!

After a general exam and routine tests, Dr. Turner deemed them both healthy and fit. After the exam he asked Chip to step out into the waiting room so he could talk to Harold. He gave Harold a quick talk about S.E.X. and told him things would be changing with his body more than they already had. Told Harold not to listen to his friends because they will know nothing. He told him his friends were going to be making choices and that Harold would have to be ever vigilent about who and what he surrounds himself with. He told him High School was a whole new world and he was going to see and hear things he had not seen or heard before. Then Turner told Harold that his door was always open. Harold could call, write a note, or a letter and that he was there to answer any and all questions Harold might have. Turner suggested we get Harold some good books on S.E.X. (Do you like how I am spelling that out? Makes me feel like I am talking in code!) Turner said his philosophy is that information is knowledge and will help protect him and give him the information he needs to make informed, adult, decisions. He said, from the doctor's perspective it is all about safety.

Obviously, it goes without saying that should be accompanied by open, honest discussions with his parents. WHO EXACTLY IS GOING TO FIELD THESE QUESTIONS????? I am all about some open, honest, discussion with my kids, but the last two or three questions Harold has asked me about sex have left me a bit red-faced and mumbling and stumbling through a response. Hubby stepped up like he had fathered fifteen teenagers before Harold and talked S.E.X. with them like it was sports scores on ESPN. Now me, I am going to study the books before I give them to him and take some serious notes! Maybe I could have him write questions down and I could take a day or two to research and get back to him. That would give me time to compose myself, get the facts and present them to him like the adult that I am!

Can I get a rewind? Can I go back to colicky babies, endless reruns of Barney, pokemon and yu-gi-oh. I thought that was tough. I had no idea.

The best news of the day is that my boys are healthy and I am beyond grateful for that. The rest of this we will just get through together!

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  1. I like the idea of him writing you questions and you writing (and researching) the answers...or texting since that's what kids do these days. I imagine this would save some of the embarrassing face-to-face moments for both of you. Having them so involved in sports will hopefully keep them out of some trouble...but they are Brian's sons! ;o)