Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adult Supervision

We were just talking at dinner about the sixteen year old girl who set out to fulfill a lifelong dream to sail solo around the world. They have apparently lost contact with her after she went through a storm with rough seas. I hope desperately that they find her. Honestly though, I was just flabbergasted that parents would allow their sixteen year old to sail around the world. How in the world does that make sense? I wouldn't let my sixteen year old drive across Texas, much less the U.S. and that is just one continent, on land, with phones and police and exits and other people. ALONE - around the world. It is the ocean - it is unpredictable and dangerous. There is not a boat trailing her, running alongside or slightly behind her just in case. She is truly out in the ocean by herself all through the day and night. Can't even fathom what that must be like at night. I may not be able to sleep tonight worrying about that poor girl.

I am most definitely not an adventure seeker. I would love to go sailing on a boat, but around a little cove, within sight of land, and if there is a some kind of captain with some drinks and snacks I am all aboard (I think that is a train, not a boat, but whatever!)

As I read a little more I realized that this is apparently nothing new for her family. Her brother has already sailed around the world solo when he was 17. And she was apparently trying to beat the solo record set by a 16 year old Australian girl who already did it.

Here is my suggestion: STOP LETTING CHILDREN SAIL AROUND THE WORLD. That should be a new rule, must be at least 21 years of age before you put a boat in the water with the intention of going around the world. Put it in the books, vote it into law - DO SOMETHING (this is me screaming wildly at my computer because I feel so passionately about this!).

From the story I read, her parents said it was her life long dream to sail around the world. She had set it as a goal when she was 13. Okay, three years does not a lifetime dream make. Thirty years to wish and train for something is a lifelong dream.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this rant, we were talking about this at dinner. Here is our conversation:

Chip: Mom, you wouldn't ever let us do that would you?
Mom: Of course not.
Chip: We will always need an adult with us even when we are 78, right?
Mom to herself: Whoops, maybe just a bit too much supervision has been put on my boys!
Chip: Besides, what kind of stupid girl would want to go out in the ocean where there are giant sharks waiting to eat you?
Mom to herself: We have got to stop watching those darn shark shows on TLC.

That is all I have. Hope your dinner topic was a little more uplifting than ours. And most importantly, I hope that child's lifelong dream, even if not fulfilled, will spare that young girl her life.

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