Saturday, June 5, 2010


I did something tonight that I have never done before and I seriously hope I never do again. We stopped at Schlotzsky's after church to grab some dinner. We were in two separate cars and I was on the lookout for Hubby's Jeep to pull into the parking lot. They arrived shortly after us and we all piled out to go in and eat. It was a lovely dinner and we loitered and chatted a bit.

When we got up to leave, I couldn't find my keys in my purse. Not unusual because I have this huge hole that lots of things get lost in, so I stopped and dug around but just couldn't find them. I looked at hubby and said, maybe I left them in the car. We start walking toward the car and it was sitting there with the engine running. Not only had I not gotten the keys out, I hadn't even turned the engine off!

Apparently, when I spotted Hubby's Jeep, I just opened the door, got out of the car, went into Schlotzsky's, ate dinner with the car sitting in the parking lot, unlocked and running the entire time. That Suburban has a quiet and smooth running engine, so much so that I had hardly could tell it was running when I got in.

Who does that??? I am afraid it might be early onset Alzheimer's Disease. Please be gentle with me if you see me wandering aimlessly around the neighborhood. Maybe I should start wearing a bracelet with my name and phone number on it so people can point me back in the direction of my house.

I am going to do fifteen Sudoku puzzles before I go to sleep tonight!

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