Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Being Optimistic

Several good things have happened around here over the last 24 hours:

1. After two days of dreading the scale, expecting a vacation four or five to be stubbornly clinging to my butt, I finally got brave enough to weigh this morning. It was exactly the same as when I left last week. That is beyond good - that is great! It also may be a first! That exercise and eating right really might just work!

2. I found a great little lake house for the family reunion in a few weeks. Sad not to be going to the beach, but so happy we will have a place to gather and spend some time together. It will be so much fun and I can't wait to blog about it! In honor of the upcoming Lake vacation I have changed my blog background to a picture of a beautiful lake! What's Up? Getting fancy around here!

3. Got a haircut! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! My hair is so thick and this Texas humidity is doing a number on it. Lord help me if I go outside for any length of time. By the time I walk back in the house, my hair is touching the sides of the doorway. If you could only see the hot mess it is when I take off my hat after exercising in the morning. I seriously look like I have a hairnet on - but there is no hairnet. Hello Lunch Lady. Not just a regular, working the serving line Lunch Lady either. I am talking Queen Head Honcho Lunch Lady. It is matted down on top and ultra fuzzy at the bottom. Not a pretty picture.

4. Hubby has a work dinner tonight, so we are having Waffles for dinner! Easy, cheesy and no oven! Hubby likes Waffles too, but it just seems like a simple dinner tonight that the boys will eat and I won't be left with a lot of prep or dishes.

5. Beth gave me some home grown tomatoes from her Daddy's garden. I put some Balsamic Vinegar on them with a little salt and pepper and it was happy explosion of summer in my mouth. Delicious! Thanks Beth!

6. I grilled some chicken breasts outside on the grill last night and Chip said it was the best meat he had ever eaten. Not supremely high praise, because the boy doesn't really like meat, but I am going to take it as a nice compliment.

7. My garden phlox and black-eyed susans are blooming. I love them.

Just so you don't think it is all rainbows and sunshine over here, there are a few things that haven't gone quite as well.

1. My dog is shedding like crazy. Hair everywhere and all around.
2. I still haven't finished all the laundry from vacation.
3. I think our Water Softener might be broken.
4. My garden is becoming overrun with weeds AGAIN!!!
5. It is not Southern California here - it is HOT AND HUMID! I wore a sweater last week and now I don't even want to touch a sweater to hang it up.
6. My boys are playing a rented video game like their very lives depend on it for survival. It is not on the list of summer fun activities and they need to stop it.

I am going to leave the Not So Good stuff on number 6 so that I can be optimistic that the good outweighs the bad! If you were brave or bored enough to read all the way through this blog I will be shocked! You would probably like that 45 seconds of your life back and for that I apologize right now!

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