Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Conversation with Chip

Last night after a fun night swim, we were all settling in to watch a little "So You Think You Can Dance". Chip asked me if he could have a snack and I suggested a piece of cheese instead of the goldfish crackers he was about to dig into. He goes to the refrigerator and gets a regular old slice of American Cheese and sits next to me to eat it.

Chip: Mom, this is good. I can't remember cheese being this good. I mean it is REALLY good.
Mom: Well, I am glad you like it.
Chip: Mom, can I have more cheese tomorrow?
Mom: Sure, buddy.
Chip: Can I have more cheese tonight?
Mom: Well, why don't you wait until tomorrow, okay?
Chip: Can I have it for breakfast?
Mom: I guess.
Chip: Can I have another piece for lunch?
Mom: We will see.
Chip: Mom, what I really want is a cheese schedule.

I laughed so hard. A cheese schedule.

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