Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day Six - LegoLand

Just like the rest of our action packed vacation, Day Six was another doozy! We had all been wiped out and slept like rocks.

What do you do when you and your Hubby are up first?

First, you take pictures of your sweet kids all cozy in their beds.

You perk some coffee and you look out the window at the awesome view of San Diego Bay.

You take pictures of some incredible yachts.

Petco Park and downtown San Diego.
Then you wake your kids up and say "Rise and Shine! We're going to Legoland."

They bounced out of bed and were ready to roll! I am glad they are both pretty good morning people.

At Legoland they have a neat thing where one parent can stand in line and the kids can go do some other close activities and then they can meet you at the front of the line. I was the designated stand in liner - cause I am good at it and don't mind it. Hubby took the boys off in search of adventures. Here they pulled themselves up this rope thing about 10 times. My arms would have fallen off I am sure.

When I got to the front of the SkyCoaster ride they came and joined me! Chip kept calling his Daddy as partner, so poor Harold kept getting stuck with me.

We did this family competition where you have to pump the firetruck to move it to a burning building and then pump a water hose to shoot through a window and put out a fire. It was kind of a timed event and there were four firetrucks competing in each round. I swear our family was the only ones taking it totally serious. We were yelling instructions, barking orders, jumping on and off that fire truck like we were the real deal. We did win though - by a country mile. Those other families were goofing off and just having fun. No sir! We were in it to win it and we brought home the gold.

Next up, we rode the Dragon Roller Coaster. Chip was supremely proud of himself. Harold was an awesome big brother and rode in the front car with him. Talked him through it and they both had a ball.
Next up, driving in Lego City. Real street signs and lights, turns, traffic, it was fun.

Next up we all captained our own ship. Chip was loving the fact that he could do so much on his own. I had to manually pull Hubby's boat backwards when he tried to pass me. These boys are so competitive. If he would have had an oar I think he would have hit me with it.

Harold passed his brother on the final turn and it was not a good scene back on the dock.
Harold said "I passed you right at the end. I won."
Chip "It was NOT a race."
Dad "Your mother cheated, I was going passed her and she pushed my boat back with her hand."
Mom "Zip it. Let's keep moving."

I had to take this picture of my Hubby trying to take pictures with Bell's Palsy. He has to manually close his bad eye so he can squint his good eye to see through the view finder. It was a technique that required some practice, but he finally perfected it.

Me and boys rode this awesome spinning, swinging, pirate ship. It was very fun.

Studying the map. What else do we want to do?

Not go to the Lock-Up, that is for sure.

How about ride this ridiculous roller coaster deal? We all rode it once and then the boys went alone. Front row and screaming like girls. They loved this.

They rode the AquaZone with bombs going off, trying to get you wet.

Chip is tall enough to ride alone. That is just big time.

Harold had ridden it before and was a seasoned pro. Neither one of them got very wet.

Lunch time and Hubby eats a Strawberry. Call the press, call the National Enquirer, call the television stations. My husband is eating a fresh strawberry. They were really the best strawberries I have had in a long, long time. Good ones to try for your first strawberry.

None for me, thanks.

After we did all the rides they wanted to do, we walked next door to the Lego Sea Life Aquarium.

Can you find my two fish in this picture?

Touching different starfish.

Lots of the exhibits had Lego ships or people in them. It was actually really well done.

Sharks and stingrays in here.

Boys studying the sealife. It was a small aquarium and it didn't take long to walk through it. After that, we were ready to head back to the hotel.

Hubby can't stand to go directly anywhere and took us on a bit of the scenic route on the way back to the hotel. It was pretty, but it was painfully slow.

Back on the interstate, look at this traffic!!! YIKES! We got lucky and seemed to keep exiting before we got stuck. It got a little jammed up closer to the bay, but not terrible.
For dinner, we went back to the Fox Sports Grill in our hotel to watch Game 7 of the NBA finals. My boys are big Celtic fans and there were several others in the restaurant. Of course, the majority were Lakers fans and it was LOUD. The Celtics blew a huge lead and those Lakers came back and won. Harold was not happy. We ordered the Skillet Cookie and the rest of us got over it pretty quick. Maybe next year, Celtics!
Another, busy fun-filled day! One more day in paradise and then it is back to reality. Wait until you see what they talked me into doing on Day 7.

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