Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Interview

I got this idea from another blog that I read and thought it would be funny to see what our boys had to say about their Dad. I think they know him pretty well and some of their answers just made me laugh.

What is Dad's favorite color?

Harold: Crimson
Chip: Red

What is Dad's favorite number?

Harold: 13
Chip: 13

What is Dad's favorite TV show?

Harold: Sports Center
Chip: Baseball

What kind of car would Dad drive if he could drive any car in the world?

Harold: Ferrari Cherry Red
Chip: Corvette

Does Dad have a nickname?

Harold: Los Papas Fritas, Papa, Dad, Cheetah Man
Chip: Cheetah Man or Kong

What is Dad's favorite restaurant?

Harold: Freebirds
Chip: Freebirds

What is Dad's favorite exercise?

Harold: Going for a run
Chip: Lifting weights

What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?

Harold: Play outside throwing football.
Chip: Throw baseball or beat him in Xbox

What makes your Dad so awesome?

Harold: The fact that he is bald and doesn't care, his left of his face doesn't move, he had a hole in his heart and he just doesn't care. He is in his 40's but acts like he is 20. He's a sports guy and he is in great shape. He is smart, funny and hysterical.
Chip: He saves peoples lives and he is a good coach.

What is Dad going to be when he grows up?

Harold: Probably a baseball analyst.
Chip: A softball player.

What is Dad's favorite animal?

Harold: Cheetah.
Chip: Cheetah.

How does Dad make you proud?

Harold: By getting through heart surgery. Being a good coach.
Chip: By being super funny.

Why do you love your Dad?

Harold: He is my best friend.
Chip: He is a Super Hero.

So Happy Father's Day to the best father I could have ever hoped for my children to have! We love you!!!

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  1. Melissa, this is so awesome!!!! What a great idea...whoever you stole it from.