Sunday, June 20, 2010

Final Day in Paradise

We woke up on Day 7 of our vacation and Chip says "Hey, we haven't even got to swim in the pool at this hotel." We fixed that first thing in the morning.

Taking a dip in the biggest salt water heated pool in California.

They even had music piped underwater. They loved that.

And a big screen TV with ESPN on - HEAVEN!!

Dad goes for a quick run on the boardwalk.

We shower, get dressed and head out to explore downtown San Diego. Dad gets a map and some information from the concierge desk.

The boys lounge around waiting in the lobby like they owned the place.

Directly across the street is the Historic Gaslamp District. Shops, restaurants, etc.

We make a beeline for Petco Park to do a tour of the stadium. Stop and spend a moment with Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn. His son is actually on the team now.

We have about 50 minutes before the tour so we head over to Lolita's to grab some lunch. It was very good Mexican fare. HUGE food.

Well fed and it is time to learn a few things about Petco Park, the home of the San Diego Padres.

It is only about seven years old and it is pristine and new and fabulous.

Water walkway at the entrance. Seems like you would get your shoes super wet walking up those stairs!

Waiting on the tour guide the boys make their all-star vote selections. This is serious business. Once they made their separate selections, then they criticized each others choices. I was glad when tour guide Mike showed up to break up the arguing.

First peek inside the stadium.

The old Western Metal Supply Co. is an original downtown warehouse that was incorporated into the stadium. Old mixed with the new.

Sitting in the dugout is always a thrill.

All three of them imagining themselves in a bottom of the 9th, two outs, bases loaded scenario hitting the grand slam for a win.

I didn't see this while it was happening, but just stumbled on it when I was looking at the pictures. I have a feeling my boys left their mark on the infield.

I love this picture.

Inside we got to see the Padres Hall of Fame. Lots of cool old baseball gear on display.

We had some old, with the old warehouse and here is some new. Huge rubber gaskets all through the stadium walls and floors in case of an earthquake. It allows the building to sway and shake without falling. The tour guide said this would be one of the safest places to be in a major earthquake.
After a very enjoyable tour we hit the Metro uptown to our next adventure.

GoCars. I spot them across the road and immediately start panicking.

They are little, and like motorcycles, but with three wheels. It has a GPS in it and that tells you where to turn and what you are passing. You just drive on the regular road with other cars. What? Not sure I can do this. You drive with your hands and wear a motorcycle helmet. They also only have two seats so that means I will have one of my precious children in the car with me. On these busy streets? Seriously, is this legal??

Poor Harold got the short stick again and forgot to say "I call Daddy!" before Chip did. He has got to be quicker. This is the only smile I think I mustered for the hour on this deathtrap. The boys loved it. Even my poor side kick.

These two led the way and I just tried to keep up without screaming, crying, or wrecking.

Oh, maybe this was my last smile. We hadn't made it out of the parking lot yet.

I specifically asked the guy if we stayed on side streets or if we would be on the big busy streets. He said there would not be much traffic - HE LIED!!! He probably got struck down by lightening.

The kids are all gawking at the sights and I am like a Defensive Driving dip dorf.
It took us to all the popular San Diego destinations like the Harbor Maritime Museum, but guess what - all the popular San Diego destinations means there is lots of traffic.

Here I sit at a traffic signal in my tiny GoCar. People are pointing and Harold is waving. He thinks he is in a parade.

Got stuck in a parking spot at Balboa park. This baby doesn't have a reverse so Harold had to push us backward.

Balboa park was the best part, because it really wasn't lanes and lanes of traffic. I relaxed just a tad while we toured around in here.
Heading back, we are back in the thick of things. I was just waiting for the little GPS lady to tell us to get up on the Interstate. Max speed was 35 mph and we were doing that for some of the time. It was an hour and fifteen minutes of HELL for me, but the boys thought it was totally cool. I have never been happier than when we pulled back into the lot and I climbed out of that death trap.

It was getting close to game time and we had GoCar'ed longer than we expected. So, Hubby and Harold headed to the game and me and Chip went back to the hotel to pick up our coats. When the sun goes down it is downright chilly!

We had terrific seats again and it was a really good game between two not so good teams.

I was ready to go in the bottom of the 7th, but Harold begged that we stay. I was not thrilled, but it turned out to be the right call. The Padres won in the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, two outs with a walk off single by Gonzales. It was fireworks and fanfare and screaming and jumping around.

A short walk across the street to our hotel and bed. Tired, but happy.
Overall, I think our vacation was excellent. We had so many laughs, experiences and all around good times! That makes for some wonderful family memories! Vacations are just the best and we can't wait to start planning the next one!

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