Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fun in the Sun - Day Three

Day three in Los Angeles dawned another beautiful day. Hubby and Harold headed out early to do the studio tour at Warner Brothers. Me and little Chip had another scrumptious breakfast and hit the gym. Two days in a row - WHAT??

The boys headed out to WB for a 9:20 a.m. tour. They weren't sure how long it would take them to get to the studio so they left early. They got there in about 8 minutes. Whoops - where's all that LA traffic?

They checked in and got ready for their tour.

Harold, one day wants to show up daily to work around these parts.

Here he is on the set of Friends! Looks familiar doesn't it?

They saw Ellen's parking spot and show entrance. No sighting of Ellen though. Harold's favorite thing was going on the set of Two and a Half Men. They had tons of stories to tell of interesting things they learned. Harold doesn't think he will ever be able to watch TV or a movie the same again. He learned to many tricks about how the pros make the shows. Once the big boys got back we packed up to leave LA and head to Anaheim.
We stopped for lunch at this Big Boy's Hamburger Joint. We ate outside on the patio. I tried to order a single burger and the waitress was having none of that. She told me not to miss their Big Boy original, it was what they were famous for. I obviously had to take her recommendation.

Their famous double decker burger. YUMMY! Her recommendation was excellent.

Next stop was the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim!

It was an older hotel, but well maintained. Had all the neat Disney touches.

Like the cute little shampoos and conditioners with mini Mickey ears.

We dropped our bags and hit the pool! There was a slide and a pirate ship. The boys were thrilled.

Momma got a little something frozen and yummy from the little tiki hut and kept an eye on the boys. Not smart for the lifeguard to be sucking down a Pina Colada, so it is a good thing they had official life guards on duty.

The boys couldn't entertain themselves for long and then sat right here and begged us to get in. Soon all of us were frolicking in the pool and having a great time.

After our swim we drove a quick four miles to Anaheim Angels stadium to watch the Angels take on the Brewers.

The stadium was beautiful. The weather - are you kidding me! It is absolutely stunning. Can't say it enough.

A nice little area where the restaurants were - flowers were all Angels colors.

We got to see a Grand Slam and a ball accidentally hit over the outfield wall by the center fielder for a homerun. Unfortunately, it wasn't for the home team, it was the Brewers doing all the damage. It was an exciting game and we had terrific seats.

After the stadium started clearing out the boys slide down to the front row and got some up close and personal with Prince Fielder. That is one big fella.

The score was something like 12 - 2 and we stayed for every stinking at bat. They were having so much fun sitting so close to the action I couldn't drag them away.

Here is the handshaking after the game! I told you we stayed till the bitter end.

Here I sit in our original seats with my Pizza Box for a glove. There were tons of foul balls shot our way and I needed some kind of protection to knock away a ball if it came flying at me. I was so pooped.

Goodnight Angels, thanks for the lovely evening. We are hitting Disneyland on Day Four. We found out the park opens at 7:00 a.m. ANOTHER early morning for the Clampetts. There is no rest on vacation with my family. We go non-stop, sun up to sun down! We sure have had some great laughs though. We really do enjoy each others company and could do this every single day. Well, I might need my own room every once in a while. I am sick of ESPN.

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  1. Don't tell my baseball lover that you saw the Brewers - they are his FAVORITE team. That Prince Fielder is a beast!