Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garage Gym

Make it 11 consecutive days of exercise! Feeling pretty jazzed about that! Yesterday, we woke up to big thunderstorms so my morning swim was out. Instead, we ran some errands, I did some work and then took the boys bowling. It was about 6:30 p.m. and I hadn't exercised yet, but knew that I wanted to do something to keep my streak alive.

Harold was out in the garage doing his workout (which he is totally into, by the way!) so I put on my exercise clothes and wandered out there to see what kind of workout I could throw together! It was hot and steamy in the garage to start with so I immediately started sweating! Made me feel like I was at a real gym, being a gym rat, totally sweating and pumping some iron. Harold was listening to sports talk radio and for some reason they were on a roll talking about Gary Coleman's untimely death. It was doing nothing for my motivation, so I headed in to grab my iPod. I put that sucker on and I got busy! I was pumping iron to Party in the U.S.A., It's Raining Men and SuperWoman! It was great! Music just makes it easier.

I lifted weights, doing all kinds of arm work, squats, lunges - and between each set I started doing jumping jacks. I did 300 jumping jacks last night! Jumping jacks are way harder when you are old than they were in elementary school. I was a sweaty mess. I did 100 crunches, punched the boxing bag a ton, even did some speed work on the little boxing bag thingy. I am very technical, you can tell. I had my old Yu-Gi-Oh towel on the ground and I was up, down and all around! Felt great.

After Hubby got back from his run, we went for a 2 mile walk! I was so happy to get my workout in on Day 10 and I already walked for an hour this morning on Day 11! And, here is a big bonus: I am not crippling sore. I am sore, but not so bad that I will cry out when I sit on the toilet today or wince when I pick up my coffee cup! Yeah!

We are going to be out of our regular routine next week on vacation so I know it will be challenging to keep the exercise streak going, but I am going to do my best!

In other news....

* We are watching So You Think You Can Dance this season and loving it! Love that little fellow from Wapakoneta and I hope he does well!

*Astro does not seem to have even notice that his food supply has been reduced. Might still be giving him too much. He had a good walk with me this morning, so maybe he will eat well after he stops breathing hard.

* Saw a lady fall at the bowling alley yesterday and I am still laughing about it today. Her thumb was stuck in the ball, and she slung that thing and went sailing down the alley. Landed flat on her stomach and slid far down the alley. I didn't laugh at first, because it looked painful, but after she got up sixteen shades of red, I couldn't help it. It was almost like watching a cartoon. Totally something that would happen to me and I am so glad it didn't! I bet she is feeling that this morning. Another little boy threw a ball and it went completely off the lane, hit a pole and came rolling back to him. So funny! It was obviously amateur day at the lanes.

* Our family is cutting out sodas. We started this week and so far, so good! That can't be anything but good for you, right?

Hope your day is awesome or at a minimum that you don't fall down while bowling.

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