Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Distraction

I went outside to pull a few weeds and was so happy to see some new blooms popping up in the garden. Thought I would take a few pictures and share my happy little distraction. I am sure most of you could care less, but my sister will appreciate it.

This is my beautiful pink Phlox, which is spreading more and more every year. In front of it, the Black-Eyed Susan's have just started to bloom. They are really blooming in the front, but I didn't get a picture of those.

Close up of the phlox. Isn't it so pretty?

Purple Coneflower is also putting on a show.

An up close shot.

I think these are called Spider Lillies. Lots of blooms already and many, many more on the way! Yeah!

Close up of Spider Lily.

This is a little baby Sago Palm that came from a friend's yard. It was just a little nub when I put it in the ground, but it is super happy in this little spot and is growing new fronds. Can't wait to see how big it gets.

My crepe myrtle is blooming like crazy.

A shot of my favorite corner of the yard this time of year.

It looks like a jungle out there, but I sure love watching these plants and flowers grow! Wish I just knew what the heck I was doing! Maybe I will add Learn How to Garden on my list of things to accomplish!


  1. LOVE it! I need to get a photo to show you how my gardens have grown the past couple of years! Remarkable! Love the spider lilly!

  2. Send on some pictures - I would love to see them.