Sunday, June 27, 2010

Health Progress

Stop reading now, if you could care less how much I exercised this week. Hit the back arrow, X out of this page in the top right corner of your screen or you can just keep reading if you are bored, burning some time or want to root for the high triglyceride girl who is trying to get her blood work back in check.

This blog is really just a great place for me to keep a little log of what I am doing so I can track my progress. This week I did pretty well.

Monday - Walked for an hour with Martha - Recreational swimming with the family.
Tuesday - Swam for about 35 minutes (22 lengths) then jogged in the water with Rebecca. Recreational swimming.
Wednesday - Walked for an hour with Martha. Lifted hand weights and did lunges, squats while watching Wipe Out.
Thursday - Swam 32 lengths (1/2 mile)
Friday - Walked for an hour with Martha.
Saturday - Walked 5 miles with Martha and then swam 40 lengths! New swimming PR for this summer! Go me!
Sunday - Walked 4 miles with Hubby - Recreational swimming.

I did not weigh myself this week. I am trying to concentrate on eating healthier, drinking smarter and exercising and not the number that the stupid scale gives me. It can skew my day whether it gives me good feedback or bad feedback and I really want to break that cycle. So maybe every couple of weeks or when I am having a particularly thin feeling day! Or maybe never!

Hope you were able to do something for yourself this week! If not, do it for sure this next week!

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