Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Morning Swim

I could not wait to get home from swimming to blog about how my first swim cross-training session of summer went for me this morning!

First, you should all be happy that you weren't there. Because although I certainly could have used your company to laugh at my series of unfortunate events, it was probably better that I was alone. To start my morning, I arrived at the pool to find four chairs floating out in the middle of the pool. First order of business was to get in, drag those heavy chairs over to the side of the pool and lift them out. Damn teenagers. Then I pulled my goggles out of my bag and they came apart in my hand. Not good. Fortunantely, I found a full scuba mask on the side of the pool that I decided to try to use. That was a fiasco of the highest order. I swam one lap in the scuba mask and felt like I was suffocating. Apparently, I blow air out of my nose and mouth while swimming and I was hot mess trying to swim freestyle with that dang full face mask on. I took off the scuba mask and decided to swim with no goggles. Super chlorinated water meant my eyes were burning like crazy. Tried with eyes closed - no good. Resort to swimming with my kickboard and swim fins. As soon as my fins are on, the resurfacing construction equipment pulls into the pool parking lot. I had seen the signs that said they would be resurfacing the pool parking lot this week, but at 7:00 a.m.?? The resurfacing truck got right to work and within minutes the air was filled with the sound of heavy machinery and a huge cloud of dust and smoke. It was like swimming in a war zone. Add to that, the eight to ten construction workers shouting instructions to each other and you can just picture how relaxing that must have been! So between my cleaning of the pool, trying various goggle solutions and putting my fins on and off, I probably got only 30 minutes of actual exercise in this morning.

In leaving the pool area, I obviously could not just trot out the front gate, through the dust and dirt and construction equipment in my bathing suit and towel, so I resorted to going out the the back gate, around the tennis courts, through the ditch, clinging to the side of the fence so I could come out on the other side of the mailboxes. There I was, carrying my glittery pool bag with fins and kickboards. I was a sight to behold. Dripping wet squishing down the sidewalk in my flip flops. I have never felt more like an athlete!!!

Heading to the store this afternoon to get some new goggles and will hope for a better swim on Friday!

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