Friday, June 4, 2010

Ten Totally Random Tidbits

It's time for another exciting edition of "Ten Totally Random Tidbits". A special time for me to just spew forth the chaos that rattles around in my brain and post it here for all mankind (or more realistically, my four loyal readers!).

Here we go:

1. Eating flaxseed is a bit like eating dirt. It is kind of weird. Doesn't taste like anything really, but just looks weird going in your mouth.

2. Swimming this morning was substantially better than Wednesday! However, I did 40 lengths and thought I was going to die of a high triglyceride induced heart attack on more than one occasion.

3. On Tuesday, I changed clothes seven times. 1) Woke up and went for a walk in my exercise clothes. 2) Showered and got dressed to go to the doctor. Put on decent lightweight clothes (I HATE WEIGHING AT THE DOCTORS) 3) Came home and put back on exercise clothes to play tennis with the boys 4) In afternoon, put on swimsuit to take the boys swimming. 5) Came home and put back on clothes I wore to the doctor. 6) Hubby came home and we decided to do circuits in the garage, so back in exercise clothes. 7) Showered and put on lounging around clothes. RIDICULOUS!!!

4. I finally threw out the new high-sided litter box I bought recently at Target - it did not work. Came up with new, but really an old solution. Put the litter in a small storage bin, like people put their Christmas decorations in. Cat can barely crawl into it, but she can dig and throw litter all day and it is not coming out of that box. It makes me so happy.

5. I made baked fish last night. My boys were not thrilled. Tonight it is Jennie-O Turkey. We might have a revolt on our hands.

6. I jumped rope 300 times yesterday. That was hard, but got really good and sweaty.

7. Got my "super scared to fly" pills refilled today at the pharmacy. California vacation is coming up soon and must have my little white pill before we head to the airport. Always seems like there is a flurry of plane crash activity on the news right before I fly somewhere. Need to stop watching the news.

8. Stupid oil spill is starting to impact the Redneck Riviera (Gulf Shores, AL) and I am so distraught. Our family reunion vacation is planned there for the middle of July. Will the oil be stopped? Will it be cleaned up by then? Do we still pay our deposit? What to do, what to do???

9. Does anyone do laundry from start to finish? I mean, put a load in the washer, move it to the dryer, fold it and put it away?? I get stuck right after "fold it". Why can't I just immediately put it away?? Why do I have three laundry baskets full of clothes that need to be put away. It never takes that long to sort it and put it in its home. It isn't that hard, so why, of why don't I just do it???? I have no excuse, I just want some understanding.

10. These will be famous last words and I am sure it will jinx this very statement and all hell will break loose at our house, but here goes. My boys are getting along so well. I know it is only week one of school, but they are playing together, laughing together. It is a beautiful thing. Here is a new trick I am trying - a few days ago when they were arguing about something. Probably a video game. I made them set the kitchen timer and read for 15 minutes. Gave me some peace and quiet and they got some reading time in. Win-Win. They haven't argued since! Scared, I will throw the book at them!

Have an awesome weekend!!!

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