Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Do Lists

I need a list. I feel myself stumbling aimlessly through my day. Nothing on the calendar for today. NOTHING. I don't think that has happened since early April. I need to work, obviously, but putting in about 4 hours of work leaves lots of hours left in the day to be productive. I should embrace these days of leisure, but I feel a need to cross some things off a list. Here are a 10 things I would like to get done today:

1. Put away laundry. (DONE - A day later)
2. Sweep floors. (DONE)
3. Unpack the boys backpacks from our trip. (DONE)
4. Go to the grocery store. (DONE - four days later)
5. Find recipe for Roasted Garlic Brown Rice (DONE)
6. Clean out the car. (DONE - two days later)
7. Order pictures for my Month frames. (DONE)
8. Take recycling to recycling center. (DONE two days later)
9. Schedule my annual OB appointment (DONE)
10. Pull a few weeds in my garden. (DONE)

Here are some bigger projects for the weekend:

1. Clean out the toy closet in my office.
2. File some work paperwork.
3. Wash out the outside garbage cans. (DONE)
4. Send email to friends and neighbors about final Breast Cancer Yard Sale.

Speaking of lists, I am working on a list of 50 Things I Want To Do Before I Am 50. I started jotting things down yesterday and only came up with 11. I am obviously not thinking hard enough. Help me out here. Give me some ideas of what is on your Life To Do list so I can get my creative juices flowing.

Hope your day is productive and fun!

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