Monday, June 14, 2010

We Love LA - Day Two

We are on a break from a 7 a.m. start at DisneyLand this morning and my feet are throbbing as is my head. Probably not a great time to write this recap of Day One in LA, but I don't see much downtime in my future so I will do it while I can!

We woke up on our first morning in LA and headed down for breakfast. Does every family have an elevator picking contest when there is more than one elevator to get on? We do, you have to stand in front of the elevator you think will open. Whoever's opens is the winner. Winner of what? I don't know. It is just something we do.

Before we hit the breakfast buffet, we checked out the swimming pool situation. It was very nice.

We surveyed the whole area.

Each of my boys tested out a cabana, laying claim for a little later in the morning.

The hotel breakfast buffet was UNBELIEVABLE. In addition to the wide variety of American choice, there was a huge international section with tons of weird choices. They had some stuff I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole - and for those of you who know me - there isn't much that I wouldn't at least try. Hubby felt like he was back in Asia.

I will toot my own horn here and say with all these choices I had Oatmeal and tons of fresh fruit and a bagel. I was totally proud of myself!

After we ate, guess what we did?

We went to the Fitness Center and worked out! WHAT???? That is correct, you read that correctly. The entire family, not just Hubby, got a little exercise.

We have got some talent in our family. Look at Chip - working his core by balancing his entire body on his head. He has mad skills.

Hubby tossed one of those heavy balls to the boys. I got on the Eliptical machine for 20 minutes and the bike for 10 minutes.

Harold worked out hard on the bike. He was a sweaty mess.

Good thing we had the pool to jump in. When I tell you this water was cold, I mean it was COLD! The kind of cold where you jump in and come up screaming.

Didn't bother Chip, he loved it.

Once we all got in and moved around it definitely felt better. After a good swim, we got out, got dressed and headed out to explore Hollywood.

First stop was the infamous Chinese Theatre. It was very cool.

We saw lots of famous folks, like Tom Hanks!

Then we saw Shrek - one of our favorites!

While walking up the road we start to notice all this official looking guys in suits. We see a red carpet rolled out.

Then we learn that in just a short while it is the Toy Story 3 World Premier! The stars will be showing up and walking down the red carpet. How cool is that?

The Premier was showing at the El Capitan Theatre.

Since there was some time before the Premier, we decided to head down to a wax museum. It was kind of neat.

Chip hanging out with the Angels!

Hubby hanging with the ladies.

Harold hanging with Megan Fox - Hello my lady!

Then we were back out on the Hollywood Blvd to wait on the limos to start showing up. Chip was bored out of his mind.

Then the characters started showing up! Hey Woody!

Then the American Idols started showing up. Those were at least some people we recognized! We are not so hip on the folks in Hollywood - but other people were screaming and carrying on.

More of the Star Walk.

We ate lunch at this great little Sandella's Flatbread - it was yummy!

After the glamour of Hollywood we decided to head out to Santa Monica Pier. It was easily ten degrees cooler on the coast and the cloud cover rolled in.

It looked like something right out of the movies.

Totally under dressed for the weather - but there were people swimming in the ocean. They were not wearing wetsuits either! Crazy fools.

The best roller coaster ever, according to Chip! He rode it twice!

We are in the third row. Arms up and screaming!

Then the boys played some arcade games and won this cute little duck with a dart throw through a balloon!

Then it was on to the Ring the Bottle game. You know the one where they give you a huge bucket of rings because it is damn near impossible to win.

Chip won.

A HUGE prize. Here he is posing with Harold with his little duck prize.

Standing beside his prize. It was bigger than he was so Hubby was behind him holding it up.

Can you see Hubby helping Harold hold his? We were cracking up! Basically making a spectical of ourselves.

On the way back to LA, we cruised through Beverly Hills. Woah - nice homes.

Also, did a drive by on Rodeo Drive. It was Sunday evening so it was all closed down, but neat to see.

Back to our hotel to grab our coats and then walked back over to the CityWalk to find some dinner.

Ended up at Tony Roma's to end our evening.

We had to eat with these two Yahoos! Too cool for school. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and collapsed. Wildly fun, interesting, entertaining day and we most definitely earned some shut eye! We will be leaving LA at about noon and heading to Anaheim! Stay tuned for more fun with the Clampets.

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  1. Great job Chip!!!! So how the heck are you gonna get that home on the airplane? LoL!