Friday, June 18, 2010

Wild Animals on Day Five

We woke on Wednesday morning and the boys were thrilled to find out that their Dad was home from the ER and was going to live. Hubby had joked that they might have to take out his eye and poor Chip was super worried he was going to have a one-eyed Dad. He was the most relieved of the bunch to see Dad was intact.

After our "Yeah, Dad's going to be okay" celebration, we cleared out of the DisneyLand resort and were heading for San Diego.

We had breakfast at Marie Callender's and it was yummy. I can't even remember what we were laughing about now, but we had a robust laugh fest going at our table. I told the boys we were going to get thrown out.

Being the budding actor that he is, Harold did a quick little skit of kicking himself out right when we walked out of the door. Ended up splayed out on the ground and I laughed so hard. Dad missed the first kicking of himself out of the restaurant so he replayed it in the parking lot.

We stopped at a Rest Area by the beach to check out the view. Doesn't it look like my boys are on the moon or something? This picture is just weird.

Our family fun destination for Wednesday was San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park. It was about halfway between Anaheim and San Diego.

It was beautiful and I have already gone on and on about the weather, so we knew we were in for a treat.
My two monkeys.
We headed straight down to the Safari Ride because we didn't want to miss it.
This place originally opened as a breeding ground for the San Diego Zoo. It is the perfect picture of how all zoos should be. Huge, wide open spaces with lots of room for the animals to roam. The park is made up of 1800 acres, but they only use 900 acres for the animals.

There are giant watering holes and plenty of shade and grass. No concrete to be found.

I can't remember what kind of rhino this is, but he is one of seven remaining on the planet (not sure who does the official count, but that is what Farrah told us on the safari). Unfortunately, all seven remaining are too old to have babies, so once they die, this species is gone forever. Isn't that sad?

There were lots of giraffes. Who doesn't love a giraffe?

This lion habitat was huge and he was all laid up on this Jeep like he was making a movie or something.

I am fairly certain that San Diego is not exactly like Africa, but they sure gave it a good try to make the habitats ideal for these animals. They looked so happy and that made me happy.

If you don't have boys, you may not understand this. Or maybe it is just my boys. When they walk along anywhere, they are constantly touching everything. Chip reached into this bush when he was walking by and these thorns lit him up.

Chip recovered from his injury quickly when asking if I had a quarter to put in the spy machine.
And to get a cool new tattoo.

And to see if I had fifty cents to feed the ducks. It is a workout keeping up with this eight year old.

They had a cute little show and the finale was this beautiful Cheetah jumping up on the hood of a jeep. They picked a lucky audience member to sit in the drivers side of the jeep. That was an up close and personal view of this creature.

Meerkats. So funny and cute.

With our paid admission, the boys got to ride the carousal as many times as they wanted. They wanted to do it twice. At first they all did their own thing. Chip put his hand in the mouth of this tiger.

Hubby rode a donkey. He made me promise I wouldn't say he was an ass riding an ass. Whoops!
Harold rode an aggressive looking panda.

For their second go around they started getting creative.

I think Harold is being eaten alive by his Panda.

Next time around they all have their hands up like they are on a roller coaster.

Then leaning way back like riding a bull.
Then there was boxing.

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Aren't they a little old to be having this much fun on a carousal.

Then Chip squeezed into an egg - isn't he a cutie? We all decided that this Park was awesome and we would most definitely do it again someday. For now, though the park was closing and we had to finish our drive into San Diego.

After driving in lots of circles we finally arrived at our Hotel.

It was nice to put our feet up for a few minutes.
The hotel was right across the street from Petco Park - home of the San Diego Padres. You know we will be seeing a game, but it isn't until Friday night.

Our room was on the 30th floor and had some incredible views. But make no mistake, I was totally thinking about an earthquake hitting. What do you do on the 30th floor of a high rise? Getting under the desk just doesn't seem like enough, does it?

Family picture in the elevator! Heading down to the lobby for dinner at Fox Sports Grill. It was a delicious meal, capped off with a dessert we fondly remember from a trip a couple of years ago. The Skillet Cookie! If you are ever at a Fox Sports Grill - GET IT! Hot Chocolate Chip cookie, baked to order in a little cast iron skillet topped with yummy vanilla ice cream. Harold doesn't like sweets (he's weird!) but Hubby, Chip and I did away with it in short order!
After dinner we headed back to our room for a good night's sleep! These busy days make for early nights and hard sleeping!

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