Monday, July 19, 2010

Day Three - Caught the Big One

Day three of our fabulous lake vacation started out pretty similar to day two - minus the getting locked out of the house in the wee hours of the morning. Got up, visited, drank coffee, made breakfast, went for a walk, managed to get into a bathing suit and hit the lake.

Harold did you remember to put on sunscr.....oh, nevermind I see it, it is all over your face.

Big excitement came late morning when Mom started screaming that she had a big one. Guke had to rush over and help her tighten her line or drag or something like that.

We were all screaming like the Lock Ness monster was being pulled from the lake.

They got it out of the water without breaking the line, the pole or having my mother drug out into the lake.

That is a large catfish people!

It's a keeper! Granny is going to love frying this baby up!

Way to go Mer!

The kids all rode on the island. It looks like they are behind a boat doesn't it?

Here's the boat. Hubby was letting them float out and then trying to flip them off the floating island by pulling them really fast. Doesn't that sound like fun? No? Me either.

These three loved it and screamed "AGAIN, AGAIN" until Hubby's arms fell off.

It rained a little in the afternoon so we did some fun indoor activities.

Like, throwing this giant parachute guy from the balcony and trying to land it on the coffee table in the living room.

It was challenging but fun!

Back out in the afternoon - Toby getting his float on! These little half intertubes with seats were awesome. For $5 at Walmart I would highly recommend them as a floatation device.

Another awesome flotation device were these Oil Booms that Guke got at Costco. They were filled with stryofoam or something. Very cushy and very floaty.

Standard pool noodle holds up this kid.

"The Nice One" kept her flotation vest on the entire week. She must not have the human buoy gene that I have.

Who took this picture? Why is my youngest child laughing and drowning? Where is his life vest? Someone is in big trouble.

Granny frying up that catfish!

Wouldn't you know it was my night to cook for this crowd and now I have to compete with Granny's fresh caught catfish fillets. Not fair. Thank goodness there was only one fish and 20 something people to feed. They were still hungry at dinner.

I heart these boys.

Hubby went to the Marina to lead some more folks back to the lake house. We didn't even risk having anyone try to find the place. Stop at the marina and we will come get you.

This is Hubby's sister, we will call her The Duck Lady, with her two amazing daughters and one of their really nice boyfriends. They didn't enter the house like this...this is their pose after they beat the pants off of us in Charades. They dominated.

We still struggled, but managed to come in 2nd place. Looking at these pictures makes me think I forgot to pack shirts for my children.

Guke and his family came in third. They were not thrilled about that. Better tighten up!

"The Nice One" and her family bringing up the rear. I would give anything to have had videotape of the Queen doing her charades. The game was you had one minute to get your team to guess as many right answers as possible. The Queen is an actress in training. After her team would guess a correct answer she wanted to pause for a few minutes to soak in their accolades, big smile would be on her face and I swear she almost took a bow. It was so funny!
Tons more laughing, yelling, ribbing, family fun competition! Tomorrow, Day Four, is the big night of Amazing Race. It was beyond fun and I can't wait to show you the pictures.

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  1. Go Granny!!! Did you pack more than one shirt for each boy? I see they had one on when they arrived? LMAO!!