Monday, July 5, 2010

Health Update

It is time for my weekly report of exercise done this week. If you could care less, please back arrow out of this page, pick another of your Favorites to view or simply X out of the window and wipe this screen from your memory.

If you are the tiny weeniest bit interested in what I have been up to for exercise, here it is! Biggest celebration this week is that I have kept my consecutive days of exercise streak going at 17 days in a row. Woo Hoo! Last Friday was a close call, but a 8:00 p.m. walk with Hubby saved the day!

Here is how it went down this week!

Monday - Walked with Martha for an hour.
Tuesday - Walked with Martha for an hour.
Wednesday - Biked with Cindy for an hour (we went about 9 miles)
Thursday - Walked with Martha for an hour.
Friday - Walked with Hubby for 2.5 miles
Saturday - Ran/Walked (5 intervals) for 3.8 miles with Hubby
Sunday - Ran/Walked (8 intervals) for 6.3 miles with Hubby and Peggy; Recreational Swimming

The addition of the short little runs during our walks have made my legs really sore. That is good right? Sore equals progress. God, please tell me that sore equals progress.

Already, today on this lovely holiday Monday, me and Hubby went for a 3.5 mile walk and are heading to the pool to swim.

Hubby said something today during our walk that is really staying with me. I was talking about my problem with the scale and how whether it is good or bad, I turn it into a celebration or discouragement that somehow ends up with me eating. Either "Yeah, I lost a couple of pounds I can eat something" or "Dang, all that work and I didn't lose anything I may as well eat."

He said "Maybe you don't need it to only be about you. Maybe if you think about the boys and sticking around for a really long time to watch them grow and be there for them as long as you can, it would make it easier. Make it more about your overall health than the scale." He said "That's what I do. I wouldn't necessarily be out here doing all this exercise if I wasn't trying to be around for them. I want to be an old man in a wheelchair when they are middle aged."

Geez. I guess, in my mind I am always trying to be healthy, but choosing to eat a cookie or a hamburger over chicken or a salad, usually results in me being disappointed in myself. But as I have mulled his statement over a little more this morning I can totally see how it could be a totally different kind of motivation. I am a mother, of course I would do anything for my kids. Would I eat a salad for them instead of a hamburger. Um yeah. No problem. If I knew exercising every day would give them a better life would I do it. Um yeah. No problem. Easy. Consider it done.

So maybe that is a secret weapon of motivation that I haven't really tapped into. It is not about my weight or the size of my clothes, but that I am making choices every day that provide a good example to my kids and also to know that I have done what is necessary to live a healthy life so that I can be around for a long, long time.

I could obviously get hit by a bus tomorrow or be diagnosed with a disease that is out of my control. And I will likely eat another chocolate chip cookie or two in my life, but if I can use this motivation to make more good choices than bad it is doing my best to live my best life. I like that.

Here's to a good week ahead of making more good choices than bad and doing my best to live my best life!

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