Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hotdogs, Fireworks, Apple Pie and Swimming Pools

Wow, how is it that it is already July 7th and I haven't blogged about July 4th! Let's see what kind of festivities the family enjoyed over the lovely long weekend.

Saturday we got a little exercise in the morning, did some shopping, went out to eat, yard work, basic Saturday festivities.

Sunday, started out the same. Got a little exercise, but then met the V Family at the neighborhood pool for some fun in the sun. While there we started talking about the Hotdog Eating contest on ESPN. We were talking about how those folks look so miserable and how stuff sometimes comes out of their nose. They dip their hotdogs and buns in water and other drinks to soak them down so they can shove in more. Last years winner at 68 hotdogs in 10 minutes. Disgusting. So when it was time for lunch we were all like "How about a hotdog?" We headed out to a local hotdog joint ready to try a Chicago style hotdog, but the place was closed. Dang. We ended up at a new restaurant in town called Homefield Grill - it was more of a burger joint, but it was good.

Back at our house, we all gathered around the boob tube to watch.....

The hotdog eating contest that Harold had recorded. It was every bit as disgusting as I imagined. So glad we didn't eat hotdogs for lunch. BLEAHHH!

We hit the local fireworks stand to get our entertainment for the night. The boys are all getting the big booming artillery shells and I am gathering sparklers and fountains.

Our lovely friends Cindy and Max hosted us in their driveway this year.

Food and drink were plentiful. Company was spectacular.

Look at this precious cookies that Ashley made. So patriotic!

The kids were raring to go once it got dark. This is the younger set.

This is the whole gang.

These are the dads that were supervising the explosives. Not sure where their fire extinguishers are and they look a little too relaxed for my taste.

Everyone brought their fireworks and honestly there were so many that I thought we would never get them all fired off. The kids worked hard though and in about two hours we were down to sparklers and fountains. All the nice, gentle stuff I wanted to get was the stuff that was left. Go figure.

The boys spent a lot of time destroying this Barbie in a box. This poor girl had every explosive in the arsenal trapped in this box with her. It was kind of disturbing, but the kids loved it.

This is them huddling up to see what else they can blow up in the box. What else can Barbie endure. I tell you, she was almost indestructible.

The fire finally got her. She was a hero in my eyes. I think the boys are already plotting what they can blow up next year. Why do boys like fireworks so much? I was a nervous wreck by the time we left. Everyone made it out alive with all their parts. I just need to drink more next year so I can relax and enjoy the show. It was a late night and we all slept hard.

The good news is that when we woke up on Monday we still had another day to play!!! YEAH! Love the three day weekend.

Started off with some exercise and then we had a super extra special treat! My good friend Connie was out of town and we were pool sitting!!! What that basically means is that my awesome friends with pools know that we are the Clampetts and we love living like the rich and famous in their backyard oasis. Oh, this was a wonderful oasis too!

It was a tropical paradise and we were loving it! Connie rocks!!

The V Family joined us and the kids floated, jumped, played basketball.

And then the adults ramped up the fun a couple of notches with some challenges of their own. Look at this picture I got of Hubby about to fall off the back of the pool. It was quite a drop too! He didn't fall, but it was close. What he is doing is trying to position an inner tube for Peggy to jump into. The challenge was to land your bottom in the tube while catching the beach ball.

If she tried once, she tried 25 times. That girl loves a challenge and she was absolutely determined to make it. I won't tell you how many times it took, but she eventually nailed it. She had some pretty brutal spills along the way.

Then Hubby has to prove he can do it. It was a lot harder than it looked.

Then JV couldn't stand it and he had to give it a try. By this time of course the kids are starting to gather around. What are ya'll doing? Can we try?

They lined up and tried several times to conquer this challenge.

Chip finally nailed it.

So then they made it harder. JV slammed the noodle down and Hubby was moving the tire and they had to time their jump to not get whacked by the noodle and land in the tub. Super, duper hard, but they could not get enough of trying. CV has a good attempt here.

Then they added more challenges. Run across this raft and dive through the tube.

Harry gets it done.
Then we moved on to chair float rowing relays. We were there for four hours. Way longer than we intended, but just so much fun that time flew by. The kids did not want to leave, so we agreed to just dry out for while and then meet back to close down the three day weekend with a final night swim.
I used my drying out time to FINALLY make that apple pie I have been yacking about! It was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. There are surprisingly very few ingredients in a crust and apple pie. My kitchen was a complete disaster area when I was done, but the pie was pretty!

I took it to the pool for a little sweet treat and the V Family brought the ice cream. It was warm and yummy! I will most definitely make it again! I got to mark the second thing off of my 50 Things To Do Before I Am 50 List! Two down and forty-eight more to go!
We wrapped up the weekend tired and a little sunburned, but it was exactly what a long weekend should be! Hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine!

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  1. Wow!!! Your pie looks amazing!! Way better than mine ever turned out. Do you know about the sprinkling the top crust with sugar to give it a little sparkle?

    Love all the pool pics too. Looks like you Clampetts really know how to enjoy a pool. =)