Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last Day at the Lake

Final day at the lake - let's pack as much fun in as humanly possible.

First, need to get the stupid exercise out of the way. I mentioned it was hot, hilly, hot, hilly and hard, right? It still was on Thursday.

Puddin' Head and her fella! Such a nice couple of kids.

Break out the kayaks, drag out all the floats, let's do it all.

Jumping. Lots and lots of jumping.

Swimming. Lots and lots of swimming.

Two sexy boys floating on the island together. Weirdos.

Cousin time.

Floating and visiting.

Hubby's new invention. The Swim Diaper. Used when your fourteen year old's armpits are rubbed completely raw from jumping two stories into the water while wearing a life vest the correct way. I am sure wearing it on your bottom half is a violation of every Coast Guard regulation in the book, but I am here to tell you it worked.

Don't be jealous of how cool Harold looks.

Eating watermelon while floating in the lake on a hot summer day. Is there anything that says summer more than that??? Thanks Duck Lady for this special treat!

Underwater photography. This one just says Corpse to me. Doesn't Bob look like he just floated up after being on the bottom for three or four days. Disturbing.

In and out and all around.

This is my Hubby off the top deck. What part of his body do you think is going to hit the water first? Not sure if he changed his mind mid jump or if this was just a train wreck of a jump. I am just going to guess that it hurt, however he landed.

The boys jumped 12,499,328 more times each while trying to catch this ball in the air. It was hard to figure out the timing, but once they got it, they were automatic.

We made smores after lunch on Thursday as a special treat to celebrate Mer's birthday. YUMMY!

It's not a cake, but we stuck a candle in it and sang happy birthday to her!

Penguin was a big fan of the marshmallow. He only ate a cucumber, one piece of watermelon and two cheese sticks the rest of the week. Ran like the energizer bunny from sun up to sun down. Not sure how that works.

The Queen was digging the marshmallows too!

The eight year old set was pretty much loving the smore!
After we made smores it was back to the lake to throw the kids in to clean them up and play hard for a short while. Last time in the water, make the most of it!

We had some fun organized for the last night in the form of Minute to Win It Olympics.

What you say? Olympics events that require you to wear pantyhose on your head? Let me tell you how fun this was! IT WAS SUPER FUN!!

Cram a baseball down the leg of a regular size pair of pantyhose and them put them over your head. It's called the Elephant Walk and the object of the game is to swing the pantyhose back and forth without using your hands to knock over the 8 2-liter soda bottles. The kids loved this.

Of course you have to take a picture of everyone when they have pantyhose over their face. That is just good plain fun! Can't believe we could tame "The Nice One's" hair in here! Guke is in the background here making elephant noises. He's super talented.

Doesn't this look like it requires some athleticism? That is why it is the Olympics.

Ms. Tennessee getting it done.

Not sure which I like better on my Hubby, lipstick and blue eyeshadow or the crotch of a pair of pantyhose. Toss up.

Next up was the old Kleenex box filled with ping pong balls on your back event. You had one minute to shake, twist, rattle and roll to get the balls out of the box. Bust a Move!

This Cereal Box Puzzle game was way harder than I thought it would be. You had one minute to complete the front of a cereal box. Mario was the only one who could do it.

Next up, Keep Three Balloons in the air for one minute. Another super hard event. We eventually dropped to two balloons because three was about impossible.

This game was a little more doable. Suck up 10 M&Ms with a straw and carry them to another bowl. It was made substantially harder because everyone was making them laugh. Impossible to do if you are laughing.

This one you could most definitely laugh and still succeed. Stick your nose in Vaseline and use it to pick up cotton balls. Kinda gross. Chip opted out of this one.

The Queen loved it. After she finished she went around rubbing Vaseline on everyone's elbows, knees, hands. We finally had to hide the Vaseline. I should have just let her work on my feet. Heaven knows they could have used some moisterizer.

This challenge was a cup sorting challenge. Way too easy for this crowd.

We finished with this super popular game. Put a piece of bread on a plate, spread it with peanut butter and then try to bounce a ping pong ball on it.

Hasselhoff did this easy. I think Penguin did it in like .06 seconds. Everyone wanted another turn.

Chip used his down time to make a big huge stomach out of balloons.
Good times, lots of laughs and lots of fun games.
I will post some group pictures and family pictures we took on our last night along with a couple of pictures from our drive home in my next blog.
For now, signing off, vacation overload.

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