Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sock VooDoo

The other day I was folding a load of clothes and had the weirdest experience. Lately, because I am old and don't like to bend over much, I grab all the clothes out of the dryer and throw them up on top of the dryer to sort and fold. I used to bend over and grab out every individual piece. In hindsight that is so stupid, unless you still do yourself and in that case we can just call it good exercise. Really, it is just crazy and I am probably the only person in America who did that. Why didn't someone tell me there was a better way?

Anyway, as I was folding this load of whites I started to notice that the sock pairs were all right next to each other. I grabbed the first couple of socks and its match was right next to it. I thought, wow that is lucky. Usually, I have to dig and search to find a sock's mate in the pile. As I kept folding, every single pair of socks in that load had its match laying right next to it. I mean, there were 10 or 15 pairs of socks and EVERY single one had its mate right next to it.

After five or so matches I was thinking to myself, "Geez what are the odds?" As I got to 10 matches I was getting a little spooked out, it was like some Sock Magic or Sock VooDoo. I wanted to stir up the clothes to mess them up because it was freaking me out a little bit. I tried to not to think about it too and just embrace it as the one in a billion chance that it had to be. It was weird enough that I still think about it whenever I fold a load a whites. I am always a bit relieved when the socks are all in their own individual zones and not remotely close to the mate they went in there with. The sock that lost its mate somewhere between the washing machine and dryer - doesn't bother me a bit. Makes me feel like all is right in the world.

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