Friday, July 2, 2010

Ten Totally Random Tidbits

1. It has been raining all darn day today! I feel like it has been raining for a month. When it rains, the kids play indoor hide and seek. I don't like indoor hide and seek. There is all the running and screaming, the up and down the stairs, the inevitable arguing "You're it!", "No you're it!", "NOOOOOO, I got you. You are it." Painful and loud.

2. Planning is underway for the first ever family lake trip. We have had to switch our plans from the beach to a lake because of the stupid oil spill. Anyway, the entertainment planner (that would be me!) is coming up with a Amazing Race night and a "Minute to Win It" Olympics. I am way more excited than a grown woman should be about it! Hope the kids have fun too!

3. Question asked to me the other night - "Mom, can I give Harold's butt CPR?" How exactly do you answer that? What is the appropriate response? I just told him to stay away from his brother's butt. I think that is the right answer. I hope Harold's butt wasn't having a heart attack and in need of CPR.

4. Harold is reading Catcher in the Rye off of his freshman summer reading list. Goodness me, the language in that book. He tries to summarize if for me and every other sentence he says he has to insert a "beep". He is getting an education alright!

5. This miserable rain started late yesterday afternoon. About 7:00 last night, Chip tears through the house yelling "Mark it off the list - we are going to play in the rain." And they did. Had a great time. The Summer Fun list has got lots of new check marks on it!

6. I love getting comments on my blog! My best commenter is Liz and it just makes me happy when I see something from her! I want my other four loyal readers to leave comments! Maybe I should give you some incentive to leave a comment. Let's see if you guys are really reading this mumbo jumbo! In the comments, tell me your favorite number. I will use the numbers I get to play the lottery and if I win, we will split it!

7. I think something is up with our water softener. I think I have been saying that for about six weeks. Wonder when I am actually going to do something about it.

8. I am going to make an apple pie from scratch this weekend. It will be the first official thing I can mark off of my 50 Things to do Before I am 50 list. Gone With The Wind has been ordered online and is also on the way to my door. That will probably be number two.

9. I didn't exercise today. I slept in until 7:10. I won't lie - I enjoyed it. Tomorrow I am supposed to walk 6 miles. That is far.

10. I went for a bike ride on Wednesday morning with my friend Cindy. We had a great time, with the exception of this huge swarm of gnats we ran into. I literally had to pull over and dig one out of my eye. We ate some, had them stuck to our faces, our shirts, our pants. In our hair. It was disgusting. Can't wait to do it again next Wednesday!!

Happy Friday ya'll! Hope your three day weekend is awesome!


  1. 13 and I fixed the water softener!

  2. 16 and I would like a piece of pie!

  3. 3 & I'd like my share of the lottery winnings in small bills.

  4. 4, and I would comment more often if it was easy, but I go through Google with my password then have to look at some goofy looking word and have to deciher that word and put it into a block before it will take my comment. There must be an easier way.

  5. 13 - I wish that I had the exercise motivation that you have!

  6. 2, I hope your Minute To Win It Olympics is a success. I'm watching new episodes this summer for game ideas with my grandkids and church group. Here's to the games!!